Art of Star Wars in Singapore 2006

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by GraFX Boy, Jan 20, 2006.

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    Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Hong Kong Toy & Game Fair 2006; afterwards I headed to Manila to meet with a couple of animation studios. My flight back to the States is the 18.5 hour direct flight from Singapore to Newark, NJ. I stayed the night in Singapore and had the opportunity to tour the Art of Star Wars at the Singapore Science Centre. I have been to the Star Wars Magic of the Myth tour in Washington DC and Toledo, Ohio (Toledo Museum of Art). It's always cool to see the exhibits but more so watch and observe the people touring the exhibit. It was really cool seeing it from a different cultural point of view and that's what I experienced in Singapore. We may have language and cultural differences but it is amazing to see how Star Wars has a common thread interwoven through all cultures, and demographics. You can view some of my photos of the AOSW exhibit and the HK Toy & Game Fair at:

    If you get a permissions error, just refresh your browser. Enjoy....
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    Awesome photos dude. Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup

    The Wook
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    Thanks for sharing the pics..

  4. Cookiee Monsta

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    Very cool pics :thumbsup Whats up with Vader & his silver cape chain :confused :lol
  5. zorg

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    cannot find server?
  6. HDPE

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    Great pics.

    I love the twin pod cloud car pic.

    Thanks for sharing.
  7. rudolpht

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    WOW. Thanks.

    I Love the Star Destroyer Concept model. Fantastic stuff & more recent stuff than other exhibits.
  8. Star Wars Helmets

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    Great pics - looks like you had an awesome trip

    Thank you for sharing


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    Great pics , thanks for sharing :thumbsup
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    .....why can't this come to Canada? :cry
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    Wow, I wish I had a reason to go to Singapore :D . Hopefully they will show it in other locations after it finished there.
  12. jeezycreezy

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    Man oh man what I wouldn't give to see that Boba Fett helmet in person. Awesome pix, thanks for sharing. :)
  13. Durasteel Corporation

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    I know, fantastic collection and some nice photos too :D

    I love the fact that so much came from New Zealand.
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    Saw this terrific exhibition when it came to Tokyo. Like you, I was struck by how the films, and its props and costumes, reach across cultures.

    I am also impressed by your reflections on last year's tsunami and its aftermath.

    Thanks for sharing your images. :thumbsup
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    Sweet.... Thanks for sharing the photos
  16. GraFX Boy

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    Being in Indonesia right after the Tsunami has been a life changing experience, especially the hardest hit area of Banda Ache.

    Currently I'm one of the producers of a new anime series being animated in Manila (Makati City in the Philippines). So for the next several months Singapore will be my hub between the States and the Philippines. I'm hoping to attend the AOSW exhib several more times before it moves on. If you have any photo request feel free to ask.
  17. temponaut

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    Well, now that you mention it, I'd love to see that Boba helmet documented more thoroughly. I bet I'm not the only one. :love

    Thanks in advance for keeping it in mind the next time you visit the exhibit.

    P.S. Photography was absolutely prohibited when AOSW was here in Tokyo. :cry
  18. tuskentrooper

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    The floral pattern pillow next to Jabba looks just like the cushion seen in the X-wing cockpit in John Knoll's Star Wars 365 Days book (spread 36).

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