Any "Supernatural" fans here?


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Hey Gang,

Like the title says, I'm looking for screen caps of Dean's homemade EMF detector. I think in the shows he claims it was built from his walkman.

From what I remember it looks like it has a needle type battery tester meter on the front and a series of either LEDs or bulbs on the top. It never stands still long enough to get a good view.

I know it was in last night's episode as well as a few from before the hiatus.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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I was thinking about this very thing last night. :)

I wanna make the Hook Guy's hook too, but, could never get pics... :(


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Sweet show, can't help you with anything on that prop as far as making it. I thought it was cool, I hope they use more props as the show goes on.


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Damn... I was thinking the exact same thing too. I guess he didn't just buy it at his local Ghostbusting supply shop, huh?



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Boy, I thought this thread had died and vanished.

I don't know anything about making a working EMF detector, but if I could get screencaps of the one on the show, I could probably make that. I just wish I knew where to get those caps.



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I have the episodes (a few of the beginning ones before I lost interest) on dvd in high def. i can try and grab some pics tonight, and email em to me at work to post tommorow.

it is made from a walkman, i know that much, and its stated as such in the show as well. iirc that was the plane exorcism episode right?


ps - also have the hookman episode recorded (i think). i can pop some pics of that up as well.