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My guess would be, the Mrk 9 1800 to 2 grand. The others around 2700 plus. The little phasers 600 plus. I have the money, but would not spend that much on them

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They have been around for so, so long, in one form or another .

USS Endeav

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Before speculating, just wait and see. They sold out of Darth Vader's complete premier costume and I suspect it is the cats meow . This coming
from a guy that doesn't like star wars! Having seen their costumes in person, they don't do half-ass so I wouldn't expect anything less in their
prop line. Issues of quality and beauty are a non starter.

Price is always subjective. I have always wanted a TWOK Admiral costume so it could have cost many times more and I'd still have purchased it.
Not everyone would/could or would agree.


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I'm primarily interested in the type II hand phasers. As long as they can offer those for under $1000, they are bought. But please ANOVOS, NO die-cast! Weapons and instruments from the future shouldn't be that heavy.

nick daring

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I'm not a fan of the TNG movies and as such those props just don't get me excited. The phaser rifles are really big and are symbolically the antithesis of what Trek is about.

I do however love the television TNG and DS9 designed stuff and is what pushes my nostalgia buttons. I rather have objects that celebrate hundreds of great episodes than an object that showed up a couple times in one mediocre movie.

A good TNG phaser and a nice TNG Tricorder at decent price points would kill and are desperately needed in the marketplace. Diamond Select is making a TNG Phaser soon(ish) but I'd love to see something a touch nicer in the realm of the Wand Company TOS phaser's level of quality.
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Gone but not forgotten.
This is my humble suggestion. Make and offer two versions, a Hero and a Stunt. The Hero version would have all the lights and sounds. The Stunt version would be devoid of electronics all together. You have your high priced collectors item and then your low priced cosplay item. Everyone is happy and the company makes even more money by offering two versions. The well off or resourceful can get their high end props and the tightwads like me can get a cheaper version and still be happy!!!!! :D


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yeh, but next year being the 50th anniversary hopefully once Force Awakens is done with they can get back to the important stuff ;)

Don't forget new Star Trek TV series in January 2017! It should give Anovos a boost to get some lesser seen TOS-ENT props out before the new series and generate some buzz.

E Williams

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I don't think Anovos has even hinted at TOS props, have they? Their stated prop focus is TNG/DS9 should they move forward with any of those products.

In any case, the TOS phaser and comm at least are more than covered by Wand Co. A tricorder would be nice but I don't know that it would make sense for Anovos to tackle it...


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I wish I could get a fc or Nemesis rifle in resin without lights. As I am too poor for the Anovos version. I would trade my wand phaser for one.
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Saw them at Comic Con, with all the hassle and bad customer service lately it the future for ST props does not look very bright, I mean they have orders from 2012 that still have not been delivered. And if they do drop everything and make them without fulfilling the past orders, well.. thats just bad business and they are not like that, they are slow but they have great stuff. But on the other hand I am worried about my Velour Kirk that was promised to come before comic con, and they have not even opened pre-orders. Really concerning but I got faith of the heart……..

E Williams

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Apparently Anovos is doing a Star Trek Beyond phaser kit. Was there an official announcement somewhere? They posted this on facebook a few days ago in response to a question about what Trek products they will have for the 50th this year:

ANOVOSJust the Retro Shirts, Velour Tunics/Dresses, TOS Insignia Patches, Beyond Tunics, Beyond Dresses, Beyond Jacket, and Beyond Phaser Kit...for now.
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