Another Viper - aw geeze

Aztek Dummy

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I hope you all aren't tired of seeing Viper builds.

I was stressing about starting this kit, because I couldn't find the right color of light blue at the Auto Zone, but I found this color at Wal-mart and thought it was close enough to work with.

It's from Krylon (not Cylon) and goes by the manly name of "Peekaboo Blue"

out of the can it's a little too "My Little Pony" but if you spray it lightly over the grey primer, I think it tones it down rather well. when it is almost completely dry, I ran a sanding sponge over it going from front to back. It knocked down the high spots and let the grey show thru. It will give me a good base for the final weathering (once the decals are put down)

I highly recommend Paul's etch cockpit, but you will need to have that dremel handy to make room in the fuselage for it.

I should be able to wrap this up this weekend.

Thanks to team Moebius for another great kit!

Enjoy, dissect, discuss


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Very nice. Love the fact that you have the cockpit light. does look like it could use a pilot and a good wax job :p


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It was good that a conformity color was found.:)
I had a hard time to make the color of the red stripe of Mk.2.
The etching parts cockpit is splendid.
I look forward to watching a finished model.:thumbsup
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