Moebius can't call this Viper an "egg".

Hey all Y'all! It's me again. Alright, alright, stop grumblin' "Him again" 'cause ya' knowed I was comin' sooner or later, and take a look at the latest. Should be one of the last things before slingin' some paint on this rig.

As seen previous, with opening up them windows, a cockpit would now need to be doodled. Now, even if I wasn't able to do that, I did make some place that looks like it would be one.

For this, years ago, I made some replicas of the seating area of a 1/24th scale AIRFIX Harrier I needed for some studio scale Laser Tanks from Space:1999. Still having a few of those scattered around, I dug a couple out. I had to dig out a couple because I didn't take this picture of it before I cut it all to pieces, so this one goes back in with all the other cast parts, but here it is before destruction.


I really didn't have to make a whole lotta modifications to use most of it and it seems to have fit pretty well all up in that Viper hole. Now, I know this ain't what's in the Viper from the show, but I couldn't actually find much reference for that and I don't think it's major if it don't match. This was just to plug that great big open section of the fighter that would be seen with open windows and this does that.




Installing it inside the model, the fit is very good and will seal up real nice in there and won't let the air get out in the vacuum of space and make the pilots eyeballs get sucked outta his sockets. We know that could happen from Buzz Lightyear years ago, so it's probably true. I know y'all see the tape already stuck on the radar/TV/scope type thingy, but I put some clear in the front of that, so I had to go ahead and paint in there. Of course, I forgot to do that first and had to rip the whole thing back apart which went back together a little wonky, but the wonk is on the back and as can be seen in the pictures... you ain't gonna see that even if you look through the nose grills.





And folks, I do believe that about does the actual sticking of bits together, unless y'all see something else I oughta do? I know 19narvik40 disagrees, but give me some critique.


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