Another sticker shop post: Sci-fi, prop, NASA, military, and Space themed stickers

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Last July I retired from my position of 31 years and quickly began focusing on the things I really enjoy doing. One of those is art. I started out by drawing my pulse rifle, then my blade runner blaster, motion tracker, and just kept going with things I enjoy and the next thing I knew I had almost 60 designs! I opened my Etsy sticker shop at the beginning of November. It didn’t even occur to me to post it up here until I saw ssdesigner’s post last week.

Please check it out, I would love your support!


I’ve also posted gallery shots because about half of the stickers shown here are NOT listed on my Etsy page. 7 days after opening the store, Viacom flagged my F14 tomcat sticker as IP infringing for Top Gun Maverick. Even though the F14 was not infringing, I did not want to argue since I knew that some did. Anyway, I know that many sell “fan art” for years on Etsy without issue, but it scared me enough to take it all down. Etsy says 3 strikes and you’re off the site permanently.

All the stickers are drawn on my iPad in procreate, printed on waterproof vinyl sticker paper with my Epson printer, I cover them with a matte oracal UV protectant, and cut on a Cameo 4.

I’ve also started playing around with 20 mil magnet sheets to make the designs into refrigerator magnets but the cameo is giving a little trouble with consistent cuts through the material. I’ll update when I get it figured out!

If you see anything you’re interested in, here or on my Etsy store, let me know!

$4 per 3” sticker
$5 per 4” sticker
$6 per 5” sticker

10% off for 3 or more

Shipping in the US is $1, by USPS 1st class mail. PM me if you’d like a quote for international shipping.
Wanted to post a few designs I’ll be listing on my sticker shop soon. I made some of my drawings into pixel art style. Would love to get some feedback on them. Or any requests!
pixel pkd.jpeg
pixel pulse rifle 20.jpeg
pixel motion tracker.jpeg

pixel 89 bat logo.jpeg
pixel 89 batmobile.jpeg
pixel deck 2.jpeg

pixel maverick.jpeg
pixel goose.jpeg
pixel welder.jpeg
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