Another Obi ANH AFB? Sort of.

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Howard, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Howard

    Howard Sr Member

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    On the outside, just a typical Obi ANH AFB with
    a few cosmetic differences.


    On the inside - it's a different matter.


    This is a project I've wanted to build for a long time.
    Lucas has gone on record to say the Lightsabers were
    supposed to be very powerful weapons, and that they
    exhibited 'gyroscopic' characteristics, so - I set about
    building this cut away with this in mind.
    I always loved the spinning blade effect from the orginal
    cut of ANH, so I incorporated a gearing system to look as
    though it turns the emitter crystal housing, thus rotating
    it and the blade.
    Both primary and emitter crystals are lit by blue leds via
    hidden switches for each. The batteries are easily changed.






    I tried to illustrate each bubble in the strip to activate
    the saber in a sequenced combination, as if Obi only knew
    the correct coded sequence to power the primary crystal and the
    emitter crystal housings. You can see each bubble has a wire
    leading to these areas, plus the sequencing arm which (in
    my imagination) 'okays' each correct sequenced depression of the bubbles,
    allowing the activation of the weapon.


    In each of the emitter's ring of holes (it's a Gav BTW) there's a tiny
    emitter beneath them. The idea being each projects the white
    haze seen around the blade in the film.
    These emitters detect the effeciency of the blade, and increase
    blade power output should the white haze field encounter an object
    which the blade has diffuculty cutting through, compared to the energy
    expended by the saber wielder.


    There's a respectful nod to my friend, Serafino here, as I've included
    the 'cone' idea from the Emitter research thread.


    A BIG thank you to Kurtyboy who donated the old style
    AS handwheel for free... Many thanks, Marcus, you're a hero.

    Thanks Wackychimp for the pic hosting and thanks for looking everyone.

    Howard. :)
  2. Lord Abaddon

    Lord Abaddon Sr Member

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    Now I have seen the COOLEST lightsaber in RPF history.

    Howard that is incredible. You have so completely captured the look, idea, etc. of the lightsaber from all I've read since way back in the "Fantastic Films" blueprint days it's amazing.

    You're a Jedi Master extraordinaire, no doubt about it. :cheers
  3. Shinobi

    Shinobi Well-Known Member

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    Howard, that is an awesome prop - and you've really captured the "idealism" of how a saber should work.

    great job :)

  4. Prop Runner

    Prop Runner Sr Member

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    This is what Prop Heaven must be like when we die... :eek

    F-L-O-O-R-E-D .

    - Gabe
  5. Killdozer

    Killdozer Active Member

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    Amazing work, Howard. You are a star, my friend...

    Absolutely incredible detail. Steady hands and keen eyes. :eek

  6. Nexus6

    Nexus6 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

    More pix plzkthnx.
  7. rhboyd

    rhboyd Well-Known Member

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    a total thing of beauty... thank you SO much for sharing...

    The thought you put into each detail makes this a work to be admired for a LONG time... To that, could I put in a request for larger pics?. I'd love to really see all the work you put into it..

    Bravo ....

  8. Polluxius

    Polluxius Active Member

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    That is completely awe inspiring, I love EVERYTHING about this saber. I wish I had an ounce of that talent. Is everything found parts, or did you make some yourself?

    Tutorial??? :lol
  9. Howard

    Howard Sr Member

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    Thanks guys.

    Lord Abaddon, I'm honoured sir by your complements. A thousand thanks.

    Gabe and Shinobi - your words mean a great deal to me. :)

    KD - steady hands indeed. The whole saber was cut with an X-Acto razor saw. One slip and the dream was over. The poor thing's blunt now.

    Just a little more info.
    The clamp, grenade and heat sink are Parks, I believe - snagged from eBay.
    The guts are various brass, copper, aluminum tubes, and an assortment of camera parts and other bits and pieces.
    This took two months work, working every day. A whole week of planning, just sitting there with the parts and placing them for the best look.

    Thanks again guys. :cheers

    EDIT: If anyone can host pics for me - I'd be more than happy to email larger files, but will have to do this tomorrow. PM me if you can help out. Cheers.

    Howard. :)
  10. kurtyboy

    kurtyboy Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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  11. tripoli

    tripoli Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Incredible display piece. I love the injector tubes you put in along with the lighting system. Awesome job, precisionally done on the detailing.
  12. Phayze

    Phayze Well-Known Member

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    Wow. Howard, you are truely an artist..
  13. rhboyd

    rhboyd Well-Known Member

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    I'll happily host the pics...

    Email me at and I'll email back the URL's or just post the pics for ya...

  14. StefTrooper

    StefTrooper New Member

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    :eek The construction of your saber is unbelievable..

    I think it is safe to say that your Jedi skills are now complete.
  15. OldKen

    OldKen Master Member

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    i just shat myself. :eek
  16. vaderdarth

    vaderdarth Master Member

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    Absolutely Phenominal man... Easily the coolest doggone saber I've seen pass thru this board. Thanks for sharing that with us...

    Dave :)
  17. franz bolo

    franz bolo Sr Member

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    That looks great.

  18. airhead

    airhead Well-Known Member

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    I think that this is totally in keeping with the goal of GL to create a futuristic world that is both incredible and familiar. If we had seen the guts of a lightsaber on-screen, I'm sure that it would have had mechanics as well as electonics.

    Beautiful work.

  19. Howard

    Howard Sr Member

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    Thanks for the very kind comments guys.
    After all this work, they're much appreciated.

    As I type this, detail pics are on their way to rhboyd - thanks again, r.
    In a couple of them, I've included descriptions of a few parts.

    Howard. :)
  20. Jedidentist

    Jedidentist Well-Known Member

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    That's utterly amazing. I'm speechless. The detail that went into that....WOW. Most excellent work.

  21. amish

    amish Sr Member

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    That is one of the most awesome things I have seen yet. I cannot wait to see some high res pics of this. You should be very, very proud..
  22. sapper36

    sapper36 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    That is astonishinglt beautiful - If lucas had ever shown the insides of a saber they coldn't have topped yours. Great work.
  23. ob1al

    ob1al Sr Member

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    Just want to echo all the other compliments and expressions of awe - that really is a masterpiece Howard.

    How will you display it?
  24. mikajedi

    mikajedi Well-Known Member

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    AWESOME . :) :thumbsup
    Congratulations for your work .
    This is just one of the best lightsaber I've seen .
    I really like all the details, impressive .
  25. Keith

    Keith Sr Member

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    COOL :)

  26. Sporak

    Sporak Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    That really is a wonderful piece of art...I'm sure it really works looks like it.
    You really got the emitter cone right too...what did you use for that? I'd like to add that into my own :)

    As others have said...that is the coolest. I love all the real details there, not just a bunch of 'things' but realistic looking and as I said, it looks like it could work...
  27. AndySertin

    AndySertin Well-Known Member

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    wow, props for your props. That is amazing and I too am in awe.....

    slap it on Ebay and you'll see what I mean....Jk DO NOT SELL IT. :)
  28. g-force

    g-force New Member

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    Wow Howard. Just incredible. I always liked the Luke cutaway some other Board member made a while back, but this one takes the cake. I just can't put into words how much I love what you have done. You should be very proud.
  29. Infinity

    Infinity New Member

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    One word: AMAZING. :thumbsup
  30. Nataku

    Nataku Sr Member

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    That should be in the next VD.
  31. damon5973

    damon5973 Well-Known Member

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    you truly are now the master.....totally awesome...amazing.....I cannot say anything that expresses how cool that is......
  32. Romans Empire

    Romans Empire Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    That's soooo sweeet... I'm actually giddy with delight.

  33. Darth Lars

    Darth Lars Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Very nice. :thumbsup

    I will definitely be making guts for a "functional" strippable Obi-Wan saber, if ever my Parks USK would arrive... *sigh* :unsure
    I had a few ideas already, but this one has given me loads of inspiration. Thanks.
  34. phase pistol

    phase pistol Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Yeah well it's "okay" I guess...

    Just kidding it's awesome. :D

    Really intricate and "plausible" internals. Superb. :thumbsup

    - k
  35. BoBoDohn

    BoBoDohn Well-Known Member

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    Beautiful... simply beautiful.
  36. masterjedi322

    masterjedi322 Sr Member

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    That really is an awesome piece of work. Congrats.

  37. bobasfett

    bobasfett Well-Known Member

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    Awesome job Howard. I'm still trying to look at all the 'stuff' in there. Build me one please... :)
  38. airhead

    airhead Well-Known Member

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    Praise from another direction - a fine arts friend of mine shakes his head at us replicating movie props. From his point of view, even a perfect replica is just a copy of someone else's original work. I've tried to argue the "sincerest form of flattery" case, or just that if there's only one of a thing and many people wish to have it, most all of them will have to be satisfied with a replica. Or, the fact that we LIKE building things and props are things that we like.

    But, in your case, especially, first the ray guns and now this ORIGINAL interpretation of what is likely the most original movie prop, I think he would have to conclude that this is not copying, but creating.

    tip of the hat, nod of the head....

    Thanks for sharing your creations with us. (Don't run out of clock works ;) )

  39. phase pistol

    phase pistol Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Tell your "fine art" friend that the soul of art is copying.

    What is it Picasso said, "good artists copy, great artists steal". :lol

    And speaking as an artist myself, I can assure you we all go thru a phase of copying.

    A copy with a fresh perspective is itself, art.


    But I can agree that Howard's cutaway saber is by anyone's definition, "art." :D

    - Karl
  40. DL 44 Blaster

    DL 44 Blaster Sr Member

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    :eek I've never seen ANYTHING done with such precision on a prop's like you built a fine watch...SICK...

    You really have knocked the cutaway out of the ballpark...

    I can't even imagine what a peice like this would fetch on ebay

  41. Howard

    Howard Sr Member

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  42. JediLip

    JediLip Well-Known Member

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    555 Howard. :eek

    So much precise detail. It's truly a work of art.

    The only thing that could top that is if it actually worked as a functioning lightsaber. And it doesn't...does it? :confused
  43. danvader

    danvader Well-Known Member

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    Incredible .... and very imaginative .
  44. Serafino

    Serafino Sr Member

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    Howard. UTTERLY fantastic piece. It reeks of other-worldliness, I think it's your best yet, although that may just be a function of newness. ;)

    Awesome work, I still think you should branch out and get your stuff into some galleries. :D
  45. airhead

    airhead Well-Known Member

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    Do you have a fleet of nanobots working for you? Once again, excellent work, Howard. And impecable timing, too. Now that we hae satisfied our imagination concerning the external features of the lightsaber, it is only fitting that we explore the internals :) .

    I'm with Serifino, you really should set up a gallery site to display your projects and inspire the rest of us.

    More. More.

  46. Mxlplx

    Mxlplx Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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  47. Pauleysolo

    Pauleysolo Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Very. very. very, very cool.
  48. Brinn 71

    Brinn 71 Well-Known Member

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    WOW.. Truly an EXCELLENT piece. I can't stop STARING.. :)
    Thanks for the pics.

  49. stormpath

    stormpath Active Member

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    beautiful. friend... :D
  50. lesternessman

    lesternessman Well-Known Member

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    That saber hilt is outta sight. Great job.

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