And the "LEGEND" continues . . .


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OK, I have been getting so many e-mails and PM's asking for at least a "hint" of what we are working on! So, here is just ONE of the items in development!


This is the ORIGINAL pattern that Lucasfilm generously let me use to cast our master pattern! Since this is a LEGEND, no scanning or 3D Modeling!

I am sure that most of you can figure out what it is! If not, you are going to have to wait for our upcoming newsletter. (Yes, I did say newsletter . . . now you can get off the floor! hahaha!)

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I don't use this very often but OMG!! Finally something that isn't a stormtrooper helmet! I know a ton of guys who've been clamoring for this for a long time with with no alternatives aside from fan stuff that still does not match the level of accuracy that a lot of other SW helmets are afforded, altmann's very rare lid, or the don post junk/rare stuff.
WOW is an understatment.THE original patern and it still exists and they let you guys use it!!!WOW again.

in while it's still on page one!

anyway, i've built a scout for a friend, and i'm not really a scout guy. but this is very cool! the fact that they're letting you use the original is phenomenal. gives me hope for future products.
A brilliant representation of ILM model maker Ira Keeler's artistic handiwork.

Geez, Bryan--how'd they ever let you borrow that?!

--Don Bies
I have been very much hoping to see this announced as part of the Legend line.
This has just made my day. No, week! It's all kinds of awesome!
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