AMT Star Destroyer

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Hi folks :)

Got myself a good deal on the AMT star destroyer through ebay to help referencing for a scratch build.

Turns out the kit isn't that good as a reference so I'm just gonna have a go at building it up and beautifying it.

Slow progress initially as I'm a noob in terms of this type of modelling.

Here's some pics of what I've managed so far:

Played about with making the bays deeper and adding some hull detail after sanding the life out of it!
<a href="Pictures by ElVisitor1 - Photobucket" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

<a href="Pictures by ElVisitor1 - Photobucket" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Also started adding some texture to the engine area:

<a href="Pictures by ElVisitor1 - Photobucket" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

I've drilled for lots of fibre optics but they don't really show up on my phone's camera.

Progress is slow because I'm inexperienced and I don't want to make a mess of it...... Fingers crossed!! :confused
Good luck with the build. I admire the guys that have a go at modding these factory kits. I just couldn't be bothered. I like em BIG!! ! ... Oh and accurate.

Jedimaster: I'd love to go for bigger and more accurate but space and finances are not permitting at the moment :cry

Thanks 3D builder, nice of you to say so. Yeah, the fit isn't great on this kit but I figure it's a good place for me to cut my teeth. :)

Blakeh1: That guy's work is amazing, something for me to aspire to but I don't think I'm likely to achieve it with my first build! LOL

I'm not going for accuracy with this one as I think it would be too challenging at the moment, I'll put that off till I start my scratch.
For now, I'm content just to make the kit fit together properly, add detail (made up in my head and not referenced) and hopefully get some lighting in there (if not, I've gotta fill in all the holes I drilled for FO!!)

It's slow going at the moment, I only get little periods to work on it here and there and a lot of the time is spent staring at the parts, scratching my beard and trying to figure out what I want to add and what's the most practical way to put it all together in terms of sub-assemblies.

Did a bit more engine work last night:


Quite hard to see but I've run some fishing line through to add super fine pipe detail.
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Yeah, the fit isn't great on this kit but I figure it's a good place for me to cut my teeth. :)
That is one of the benefits of building one of AMT's original Star Wars kits--you get quite of bit of experience putting ill-fitting parts together, and puttying and sanding to hide seams and replace detail missing because of the gaps; it makes building well-engineered kits a breeze! :lol
That's my philosophy, let's just hope it doesn't end in tears!! LOL

Finished detailing the engine section now, quite pleased with the look.

I also started building the trench sections for the notches.

I'm also pleased with their look which means I'm probably gonna have to build the lot as my parts look a bit odd alongside the supplied trenches.
Small progress:

I got sick of doing the side trenches and decided to work on the lower hull a bit more.

Not sure if I've gone over the top at the front, might need to chip a few pieces off!

Any opinions are warmly welcomed. :)
Coolio, thanks:)
I gues it'll stand out less when the rest of the hull is detailed.
I think some of the dots are a little thick but I can always sand them down a bit.

Time to press on then!
Thanks center68, me too! LOL

There's a rumour that santa will bring me an airbrush and compressor for Xmas so I'll be able to get some primer on then.

I've noticed in other posts that primer makes everything look cooler. :)

Should get quite a bit done tonight so more pics tomorrow.
Started roughing in the main bay but my draughting square seems to be a little off so the cuts are all a little bit wonky! Still, I've made a startand there's a lot of detail to go over it so it should come out alright. I just need to think carefully about light leaks etc before I fix anything permenantly!

Also added a bit more detail, need to get some thinner sheet for some of the panel detail I want to put in.
Few little bits of progress over the weekend:

Added some detail to the smaller bay and did some lighting tests and got cracking with the lower hull details after recieving the much needed strips and sheets of styrene.

Sorry the pics are a bit naff but I've only got my phone camera!

I'm feeling happier about the project altogether now I can see it starting to take shape, still a ways to go yet though!! :)
Managed to get a start on the main bay but having to rework and adjust constantly as I go along to allow for lighting and assembly.
Starting to get fiddly now but it's an interesting/fun part of the work. :)
I love the detail you’re putting into this. You’re going to make this AMT model look great! Keep up the good work.
Wow! Thanks Randy.

I take that as a big compliment having seen the quality of your' work, your' aliens diorama is stunning! :)

I hope this'll turn out good, this will be my first time working with an airbrush which I'm a little daunted by but with a lot of patience..... well, fingers crossed! LOL :)
Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ve wanted to build my AMT SD for a long time but never quite knew how I should detail it. Seeing what you’re doing is a big inspiration.
That's one of the great things about the RPF: loads of inspiration for all sorts of projects. :)

I was planning to do a bit of a lighting test for the main bay but realised I didn't have all the LEDs I needed. DOH! :unsure

Instead I decided to press on with detailing the interior walls and building the room behind the back door of the main bay.

Got some ok results but a lot of my time was wasted when some of the super-small details simply dissolved into a paste on contact with the cement!

I really hope all the splodges of glue won't show through too much when I come to paint but with a little luck the primer will take care of that.
This is nothing an AMT kit anymore. This is your build.:thumbsup
More you go into it, more you love to put the detail.
The result will be fascinating. :love
This is rather a good size to put the detail and that look effective.
You can even use stapler staples to add as a detail bit.

Great works :lol

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