(Almost) scratchbuilt pipe E11


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Here's my 'almost' scratchbuilt E11 wip.



I started this quite a while ago, but put it aside while I waited to get my workshop built. Now that's been put off (no money!) I commandeered a corner of the lounge to finish this build.

The scope and counter were to be scratchbuilt, but I went for the excellent Doopy Doos pieces instead to encourage me to finish!

Not shown is the mag housing, which was cut from sheet steel (a side panel from an old PC) folded up and is now glueing together.

I plan to cover the grip with filler, sand into shape and file-in the diamond pattern.

There's a way to go yet - but it'll be worth it!

...I plan to cover the grip with filler, sand into shape and file-in the diamond pattern...

I recommend epoxy putty for the grips. You can roll it out flat with a rolling pin, then cut out the shape. And then sculpt in the diamond texture before it completely hardens. It'll harden to a hard plastic, then glue it to the grip.
Awesome I just wanted to start on my pipe blaster and then here you are. Looking great keep up the great work.
Can I ask you where you got your reference material - pictures/dimensions/materials needed etc? I'd be very grateful for any help you could provide....
Many thanks
I scratchbuilt an ROTJ E11. If you want to save a little time, you can get genuine grips (for a Canadian sterling, but they're almost exact) for cheap at e-gunparts.com under "sterling arms".
Thanks everyone!

robn1 - good idea re the epoxy putty of the grip. The top rear of the grip has a coat of Milliput superfine (white) which stayed 'malleable' for a few hours and has now dried rock hard. I just might have to get out the rolling pin to do the rest!

Valdez - go for it man! Total scratchbuild?

Atlanthia - Atlanthia of the totally awesome £10 ANH bucket? It would be great to see what you can do with the pipe-build E11!

jakob2121 - you posted as I was updating, so I missed your comment at first. Thanks for the suggestion of genuine grips. There's toil in them there home-mades, so I'm keepin' em for now - I do plan to make another of these, so I'll definitely consider it then!

Here's a shot of everything (so far) assembled. The steel sheet mag housing was a ***** to fold up but it looks OK now. It's slotted into the PVC with 2 small tabs at the moment. I'll add milliput round it and glue it in place later. I'll then add a short wooden mag plug with a styrene sheet end plate.


You can just about see here where I've had to notch the stock rail around the mag housing. Also, there's just one trigger piece here - There's another one coming, to be sandwiched together to get a better thickness.


Sorry for the lack of focal depth in this shot - but you can see the relative height of the counter above the mag housing.

That's looking great. I love the folding stock and front sight you've made. I have the Doopy Doos complete kit and yours just ****s all over what I have.
Thanks Junk Pilot. The Doopy Doos kit is great - my scope and counter are by them.

I'm waiting for epoxy to cure and milliput to harden so I can get on with all the detailing left to do.

I've just made up the mag from a styrene-clad wooden form. Pics soon.
Yay! More progress!

The mag is made and attached - but I can't take pics of that yet - until the epoxy on the stuff on this side dries.

T track is made, cut, bent and glueing. As are the weird 'flash guards' or whatever (the black styrene pieces).

This is quite a weighty beast, and the cold metal feels goooood. I've been running around the house going 'Pew, pew' driving the family mad. lol



Great job! Particularly on the vent holes. It's a pain to keep the alignment on stuff that's in a pattern like that, but the results do speak for themselves.
greg883 - Thanks! I just wish I had a workshop with a proper pillar drill. There were plenty of wonky holes on my first attempt. lol

Nazgul - Thanks! I hope to troop with this eventually. I have a heavily modded MRCE bucket (which got me into the whole SW replica hobby) but I have no suit yet. I should have a workshop built next year, and then I can crack on with a suit build.

Drewid - Thanks also! I found some E section strip at B&Q (a UK hardware store chain) which looked like it could fit the bill. I scored the back with a hobby knife and snapped the extra two uprights off, cleaned up the resulting T with sandpaper and bent it over a T-light flame using long-nosed pliers to bend the hot plastic.


EDIT: I plan to use some more of this track - snapping just one upright off - to make the U shaped stock catch for under the gun body behind the grip.
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