Aliens APC 1:18 scale with interior


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Thanks so much darthsideous, PHArchivist. :)

I'm back on this, hoping to get a second video together showcasing the lighting of the APC but first I have to get the wiring to a decent state. ;)

I was wondering if I have enough crew to fully man the APC and it looks like I do, 8 in the back, 2 on the rear pair (Ripley and Burke seats), Gorman at the console, Apone on the front pair and a driver - 13 bodies.


I couldn't think how I could route the lighting wiring under the seats without raising either them or the flooring panel - room is pretty tight in there and I also have to work out where the safety bar wiring goes too.


I found a literal out of the box solution and I'll be adding little clips and a paint job to tidy up where the cabling goes around the wheel hub.


There was a similar routing issue for the headlight wiring which runs over the side door. I wanted to keep the roof section removeable so this is getting worked in around other elements.


The rear lights are wired in on the opposite side and you can see where they emerge behind the wheel (green/white wires). I'm keeping them as close to the hinge as I can to avoid uneccessary wear.


You can just see the wires at the bottom of the back wall but the seating will cover these up - and they'll be painted.


..and here's where we're currently at. I think I'll add mini magnets to all of the interior pieces to hold them in place.


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