Alien: Isolation - Seegson Keycard and Smartphone Wallpaper

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    Hello All,

    I just wanted to share a quick side project of mine. I'm currently building and assembling the gear for an Alien: Isolation-inspired costume. As a break/distraction from building a handheld device for my character, I thought I'd throw together some low-demand props to add detail to the outfit.


    I like the idea in the game of multiple, off-planet corporations competing with Weyland-Yutani, so my props will be use a mixture of corporate identities/logos from the films and game.

    I couldn't find any decent/hi-res versions of the Seegson logo, I so I traced a low-res version in Photoshop to produce hi-res one. I'm afraid I'm not very confident with vector based design, so it's just a hi-res psd.

    I then laid out a Seegson keycard in Photoshop. I can't justify getting real keycards printed, so I printed it on glossy photo paper, then backed that onto thin styrene (with a black strip sprayed onto the back). These hold up to inspection pretty well when inside an ID card holder.

    I then decided to create a lock screen wallpaper for my phone. I wanted to recreate the grainy effect of the old-style screens used in A:I. This was done in Photoshop, layering up different textures and blending modes. From what I can tell the "Seegson. Tomorrow, Together" is just Helvetica.

    After a few version I'd achieved the right look, but then I decided to add the cassette symbol that is used in the game to signify saving. Again, I couldn't find any existing screenshots of this symbol, so I had to draw it from scratch.

    Phone Wallpaper Seegson TapeB.jpg

    I don't imagine them to add a whole lot to the world of costuming, but if it saves anyone else some work, heres the logo and cassette symbol. I'm not sure how easy it is to attach PSDs, but if anyone wants that version, or larger files, just message me. The arrow on the cassette symbol has a gradient, but I converted the entire image to bitmap to get a pixellated effect.

    SeegsonB.jpg Cassette and ArrowB.jpg

    Other props for this project can be found at
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    Neat! And nice job.

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    Great start I made the motion tracker that's on this forum,I would love to make some more props from isolation.
    keep up the good work cheers reef.
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    That's awesome Pocko ( and yuuus you get my first second post! lol) I have plans to make some really cool stuff as well ( like the Emergency phone panel ) as well as other hands-on props from the game. If you need any help with ANYTHING from Isolation, send me a PM and I'll be happy to! Cheers!

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