Lacrima 99 Shock Rifle - Aliens 4- 3d design and print


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Thought Id have ago at the Lacrima 99 from Aliens 4. Its quite a straight forward build, no moving parts, not based on anything, but looks pretty cool and the heavy weathering could go the wrong way ….
Soo ... CAD shots for progress....
I used 2 x 12mm aluminum tubes for the barrel. This also allows you to mount the additional under barrel attachment
I designed it around a solid interior and outer shells to allow for easier printing and to give some depth to the model.

lacrima99 v161.png

lacrima99 v16inner.png

lacrima99 v16side.png

lacrima99 v16- barrel.png
Right... so its gets a bit murky here as i forgot to take photos along the way ...
The prop store original of this build is heavily weathered and i wanted to go down that route.
I was looking for a flakey, chalky, crazed finish with lots of grime over it.

To get the crazed look I sanded down the clear in various places and hit it up with a few coats of white in the hope it would react with the paint underneath.


I then sanded this down to get the crazed paint look


Dont want to hijack this thread, as paulsboutique your Lacrima 99 Shock Rifle is absolutely incredible!

But ghostryder triggered me with the hi res image of ames Camerons Pulse Rifle sketch...

Dont believe anyone has tackled JC's original idea, based on the MP5 instead of the on-screen Thompson M1A1

Its always really annoyed the OCD-me that the perspective and proportion was 'off' on his sketch.

So when I saw this higher res version... I couldnt help myself, and I corrected it.

See attached - paulsboutique - are you the man for this job? :)

Some cleaner shots of Cameron's original Pulse Rifle artwork have finally surfaced, would be fun to see someone tackle this one sometime:

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