X-Files Alien Bounty Hunter Spike / Stiletto / Gimlet


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Hi all some folks on Reddit suggested I post the video of my X-Files prop here. I've wanted a fully functional replica of the alien bounty hunter spike from the x-files since I was a little kid so I decided to design one. Currently it's just 3d printed but it is fully functional. I have a metal version I'm working on as well (unsharpened or still with plastic spike as this is not a weapon, it's a prop replica). This was my first project designing anything or 3d printing a functional item, was very challenging and invested a lot to get it right. I'm working on fully functional ones in stainless steel, aluminum and titanium as well.

Hope this is the right forum to post this in and group would appreciate it!

Note: I'm not currently selling plans/3d model for the spike but I may consider making and selling them in the future to fund other projects.


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Thats stunning. Making the switch work to rapidly deploy AND retract the spike is fantastic.
If nothing else, I'd love to know the process used to get the metallic finish on it. It looks just like machined aluminium!! What paints, processing or finish did you apply?
I know this isn't a for sale thread, but just wanted to add my name to the ever growing pile of people who would shell out da cash for a build of such a piece. it looks absolutely amazing, and would fill a long standing hole in my collection. I'm really hopeful this happens!

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