Airsoft E11 stormtrooper blaster


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Hi guys, this is my first prop build.

I decided that it was useless if it didn't work.

Big shout to Jon Davies for his help... and the smug face I can pull to him that I have a blaster that actually goes pew pew...

Before anyone tears it apart, some of the details are not screen accurate- This is either because A. I think it made a better looking piece or B. It has still got to work as a fully functioning airsoft gun.

Base is an S&T steel sterling AEG. DBS props supplied a steel scope rail and counter bracket, very good quality resin M38 scope and counter box, and the T tracks.

The scope has been modified to have a glass lens with reticle detailing, with an LED light inside, with a hidden, but accessible battery and switch.


The magazine, after some research, is as short as I was willing to cut it down and still be able to use it. A mock up can always be used for display anyway.

It does, however, have a UV light projecting onto the BBs in the feeding tube of the magazine, which gives tracer BBs the glowing effect- So madbull red tracer BBs give a brilliant, almost uncanny laser effect.


The last thing to do was paint detailing, highlighting screws and giving the front of the scope a purple colour shift wash effect. Then a weathering, which I may or may not do a little more to, but it's a personal thing.


I also have a generic DL-44 build going on made from a full metal Tercel Gas Blowback M712 (No-one makes an airsoft C96), and a moscart launcher Jawa Blaster (pictured) that will be resin, as I refuse to chop up a £600 replica SMLE


Then it's on the hunt for some decent Scout armour.

I have an understanding girlfriend...


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Dooo iiiit... Doooo iiiiiiit Nooooooooooowwwww! :)

If you are gonna get a sterling, make sure it's the beta or the smart team. The action one is front wired, and the mag would be an absolute bitch to shorten.


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PM sent!

This looks fantastic, I just picked up a S&T Sterling SMG and am looking to do something very similar. Is DBS props somewhere here in the forums? I haven't had any luck in trying to google them!


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Where did you get the tank scope, counter, curled wires, t-track and especially the power cylinders? Does it have sound? If so, what did you use? I may use a board from and old blaster toy or go the more expensive way with a Plecterlabs Blaster Sound Core Board. Where did you mount the LED's? Do you have a link to the red ammo you mentioned?
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