Adjusting Vader Helmet dome Height/position


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Say you buy an ANH Vader helmet with a traditional dome mount type of system with the two rings that sit in each other, Now we know in the films vaders dome position changes form scene to scene, but this mounting system doesn't allow for any adjustment. If you theoretically you wanted Vaders dome to sit a bit lower, having the widows peak come lower down on the brow, say to cover the last line on the nose section of the mask, would it be as simple as sanding down the dome ring on the mask a hair to get the look you are shooting for? Or would that cause unforeseen complications that would ruin the helmet. Thanks!
I am no Vader expert by any means, but the ring arrangement for the dome was ESB & ROTJ. ANH had three things on top of the facemask (name escapes me… or maybe I am stupid and its just Velcro LOL). Dome position varies because of this in ANH

Heres a good thread:

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what helmet do you have?, that is definitley a possible solution. but if you showed a few pics i think it would be easier to help. some helmets the ring being trimmed could make the faceplate sit funny,likewise the dome.

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