A youngling saber made of junk from my drawer


New Member

The main body is an old black Rolson torch that I sanded down to a weathered look. The emitter is what I can only assume to be a curtain rod attachment. I fit it to the torch by screwing it into the battery holder of the torch, then wrapped the holder in copious layers of tape for a snug fit in the body of the torch. I had my late little brother in mind making this one. I’d say it’s the perfect size for a five year old. Probably the easiest build I got to work on. What do you guys think?
I love it, but I think it needs some accents in colour somehow. Either some dirt around the place or perhaps a coloured button of some kind. What do you think? Or maybe some kind of grip / wrap you could use a different colour for? Without any colour it smells a bit Sith to me.

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