custom lightsaber

  1. nniebling

    Han Solo DL-44 Lightsaber Concept

    Awhile back a drew up a concept for a Han lightsaber using the DL-44 as inspiration. I came across it while looking through my sketchbook and decided it was time to make it a reality. Started modeling and updating the design as I went. The I started printing all the parts. I made it modular...
  2. Adizeb

    Your opinion is needed!

    Hello there! First of all, sorry for my English (I'm from Transylvania and not using Google Translate :) ), but I think, you will understand me. This Community is AMAZING, just Wow! I'm new here and glad to be here. I would like to present you my concept of a really "bad/dark" saber... I'll...
  3. mechx

    Limited Run The Claw (The Wampa) Saber Run (Jawas Junkyard)

    Hi All, Very excited to announce this project. To sign up please complete this form: Pre-Order Sign UP Based on the design from Larz's Bone Works - our fully CNC version of the wampa claw - saber. The Claw. - Fully machined aluminium and PA66 (for the 'bone'). - Anodised aluminium - 1" blade...
  4. GraflexSaber

    Metal Master Origin Graflex Lightsaber

    This is my latest Graflex lightsaber with my new Metal Master Origin chassis. This chassis is the Metal Master version of the first original Graflex chassis I created in 2016/2017. The new version is made from 3D printed brass and plastic parts, CNC machined aluminum parts and laser cut steal...