A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration: The Complete Book (printable copy)


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When I click through, it says:

"The file link that you requested is not valid."

I'd be really excited to see it, though!
How did I miss this? it should be in the Free Harry Potter Paper Props area. edit: There we go :)

This will be the next book I print for sure.
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Looks interesting but any chance of getting a black and white version of the cover without the leather and just the goldwork in black?
I'm experimenting with laser engraving leather.
I used a heat activated embossing powder with embossing ink. It is available in most craft stores.
I used a vinyl cutter to cut out the pattern, applied embossing ink, added the embossing powder, removed the masking vinyl, cleaned up any leftover powder and then hit with a heat gun.

It isn't perfect (a foil with a heat press would work better) but does a pretty good representation.
I am hoping to put together a video of the build so will make sure I include a link here of the full process.

Very nice work Beetroot!

Would you mind sharing how did you apply the gold foil on the cover?

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