Limited Run 5layer 0f c1ones - Kelleran Beq's main lightsaber as seen on Mando Season 3


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5layer 0f c1ones

During the invasion of the Jedi Temple, the 501st Legion advances and one after another Jedi fall lifeless to the ground. While the newly appointed Sith Lord Darth Vader takes the main entrance with the 501st, Commander Appo sends several of his troops on Barc speeders to the surrounding areas. Meanwhile master Jedi Kelleran Beq was scouring the halls for younglings trying to get them out to safety. In front of him an elevator and doors slowly open, a scared child is inside - "Everything is going to be alright kid" as Master Kelleran Beq picks up the Youngling Protector's lightsaber and as they step out of the elevator more troopers arrive. The Sabered hand, as they called the Master, ignites both sabers while the clone army initiates in combat. Their blaster fire is no match to his ability with the saber, deflecting each laser beam to themselves. Skillful and swift he slayed the clone squad one by one as he escaped along with the child. The future of the Jedi is safe for now.


The Run

Hello, and thanks for your interest on the 5layer 0f C1ones' hilt run (SoC for short). My name is Gustavo Canales, co-owner of Laredo Sabers. This is my second run (after the Youngling Protector) that I have personally organized. I have been part of many projects in collaboration with other companies for many years. A few examples are: Phoenix Props Kylo V1, V2 and The Light. Saberbay's Darksaber Live Action, Dark Matter and Geonobi, etc.

This Run will have a minimum of 50 units produced, and if you want one we will put you on the list and send you the payment details once the down payments are required. We will be offering install and weathering services too. Feel free to ask anyquesitons you might have in this thread, but please do not come to promote someone elses product, as it will be it will be eliminated. More info of this hilt here:
Jedi lightsaber from BOBF and Mando Season 3

The Team (again)

Gustavo Canales - Design, manufacturing & project lead
Roberto Lara - Logistics and Finance
Giovanny Fernandez - Install service
Matt Slate - Finishing and weathering service
Christian Cruz - Product artwork & Plaque

Pricing and options

The SoC base price is $275 usd plus shipping.
Advanced Install add $275
Elite Install add $500 (updated cost 12/8/2023)
Weathering service add $50

Note: Customers who also purchased the Youngling Protector will get discount of $25 usd on the SoC. Thank you so much for supporting us.

Base Hilt includes

Full Aluminum & Brass hilt designed by Laredo Sabers
Extra screws and allen wrenches
Free basic chassis STL so you can print at home
3d printed light guide for the led bar
Product box designed by Christian Cruz
Plaque by Christian Cruz
Note: Customers who also purchased the Youngling Protector hilt will get an additional Collectible gift

Advanced Install includes

Advanced 3d printed chassis with Crystal chamber
Rechargeable Battery
Proffie board (2.2) with 12+ fonts (includes custom SoC font by Laredo Sabers)
Neopixel blade connector
Pixel Illuminated Kyber crystal
10 Pixel led bar (animated)
24mm speaker
Kill switch

Elite Install includes

Advanced 3d printed chassis
Brass Crystal chamber
Brass board cover
Brass Battery cover
Rechargeable Battery
Proffie board (3.9) with 12+ fonts (includes custom SoC font by Laredo Sabers)
Neopixel blade connector
Pixel Illuminated Kyber crystal
10 Pixel led bar (animated)
24mm speaker
Kill switch

Weathering service includes

Sanding, painting & buffing to make it look similar to the show.

Lead times:

Interest list will begin on 11/21 thru 12/04
Down payments will be requested to be paid between 12/08 & 12/31
Hilt manufacturing: 30 days after all downpayments are received
Base hilt orders: The ones that do not require install or weathering service will be shipped withing the next 2 to 3 weeks once received from the shop. These will be inspected before shipping.
Chassis Install: Depending on the ammount but add 2 to 4 weeks after hilts are received
Weathering: Depending on the ammount but add 2 to 4 weeks after hilts are received

Payment terms:

50% downpayment for Hilt manufacturing is required. Downpayment is non refundable
50% Balance and shipping cost needs to be covered before shipping to customer

Shipping in USA and Mexico is a additional $15usd
Shipping anywhere else will have to be quoted
Shipping will be done from USA to your destination, this will include tracking number, you can also insure the SoC at an additional cost(optional). We will ship world wide but you are responsible of verifiying your country's importing fees or taxes before arrival, please understand that this is not under our control.

Additional notes:

Payments via paypal are done to:

Reference images:
Untitled 8.jpgKB01.jpg1687955149043.jpg1687956614712.jpg

Prototype pictures:

Box Artwork:

Plaque images: Pending.

Thank you
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For this hilt I will be offering an Elite chassis install. This is an upgrade to the advanced install that includes brass components: Crystal chamber, Proffie board and Battery cover. It will also include a Proffie board 3.9 version instead of 2.2. The cost of the Elite chassis will be $525 usd

Here are some renders:
SoC Elite chassis01.png

SoC Elite chassis02.png
SoC Elite chassis03.png
SoC Elite chassis04.png

The led bar works great with the shadowfoil pcb, as you can see on this video, it has 2 of them just for simetry and looks but only one will interact with the led bar.

Did some tweaks to the chassis to commonize components between the Advanced and the Elite.

Advanced chassis:
This will now have all parts (main chassis, crystal chamber, battery cover and board cover) but will be printed in Nylon.
Chamber and covers will be painted in a brass/golden type of paint so it look similar to the Elite.

Elite chassis:
Nylon body, brass chamber and covers.
The elite bass parts will be weathered to look more realistic.

SoC Elite chassis06.pngSoC Elite chassis07.pngSoC Elite chassis08.pngSoC Elite chassis09.pngSoC Elite chassis10.png
Ok one final update on the Elite chassis. After a lot of thought I think the board cover is just too close to the proffie and could cause a short. So this door will be made out nylon. Better err on the safe side.

Due to this change I will be reducing the cost of the Elite chassis to $500 instead.

SoC Elite chassis11.png
SoC Elite chassis12.png
SoC Elite chassis13.png
We are go for launch. The initial payment to the machine shop will be done tomorrow. Made a small change to the production model, the blue pin will be threaded instead of glued. As you can see on the prototypes the glue overlfows around the blue pin causing imperfections on the surface. So went with the thread instead. Cost went up a few penies but i will absorb that cost.

To those of you that requested hilts you will be getting a message this week for the downpayment.

Anyways if you want to see some glam shots of the SoC here are a couple

And if you want to see more you can visit this link: 5layer 0f C1ones

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