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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Taff83, Aug 25, 2015.

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    First I would like to apologise as I'm sure I have posted this in the wrong place!

    I'm having a problem with my 3D printer, when I print my desired .STL file half way through printing it seems to go off axis almost like its lost its positioning and starts to print away from the print into thin air.

    I have attached some photos of a print where you can see my issue.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this as I'm guessing a screw or something like that might be loose.

    I have a Da Vinci 1.0 with a e3d hot head running repetier host, never had problems before just all of a sudden this has started to happen. I have re calibrated the bed and printed fine so doesn't seem to be a calibration problem.

    If anyone knows what might be making this happen or if you need anymore info to help solve please just let me know!
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    It looks like you're dropping position somewhere so you could have a loose belt.

    Also check your nozzle offsets - If they aren't properly configured in your software you may have this issue anytime you print with multiple materials.
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    Taff83, have you printed this model before and it printed correctly and now you are having this issue, or is this the first time you printed this model and you are having this issue? If this is the first time you printed this model, perhaps the model is built with a flaw (non manifold) or something similar. Did you make the STL file or did you download it from somewhere? I do not know if this is you problem or not but I have built models that seemed correctly assembled and even sliced correctly (or so I thought) but when I went to print them I got several good layers the the whole thing went off track. I later determined that a previous layer was defective and that caused the off-set. I suggest printing something that you have printed before you had this issue and se if it prints correctly, if you are still having an issue, you make want to seek help from one of the 3d printing forums. There a ton of them out there. Hope this helps.
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    Why not contact the support team at the company you bought your printer from?

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    It looks like you still need a bit more calibration or your hot end might be loose and wobbly. Try a different slicing program and compare. Your layers are not transitioning smoothly.

    As for the shift. I'd say that your hot end is catching on some excess extruded filament or a curling up previous layer. If you have weak motors, this can cause a shift on that layer if the hot end catches it. If you have a "stepping" problem (many layers shift in only one direction) this would be either a bad connection to your limit switch or binding in one direction.

    That first picture looks like the printer was stopped and the color changed. Sometimes, when that happens you need to home X and Y positions. If the printer was paused on top of the print for any amount of time, you will suffer ooze-bane. This can cause the hot end to stick to the layer. That can lead to a "bind" and shifting in the layer.

    3D printers must not be operated unsupervised (risk of fires). If you hear a deep "rat-tat-tat" sound, this could be either the motor binding or the belt slipping. Pause the print immediately. Home X and Y, then resume printing. This can help save your piece, plastic, time spent, and work needed to fix any imperfections.

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