3d printed Iron Man MK 1.5/ Flight Test 2.0/Mech Test build *first boot done*

Hey guys! Thanks for all of the kind words! Here is another, better pic of me from the con, w/ my wife in the ant man getup, and my brother as spidey.

Murdoch - No pep files yet, shoot, no 3d print files yet haha! However, once the 3d print files are done, I'll release them to the public. However, I'm totally lost when it comes to unfolding, as pretty much everything I do is 3d printed. But I'm sure some industrious user will be able to unfold them for pep/foam!

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Computer is now dead. $5.00 bucks and 10 years later, it finally died as I was trying to download a file. So freehand it is. Thanks Drumguy560, your video is inspirational...GM
Hey everyone, back from the dead is this thread!

I resumed work on this, and intend to fully finish the new, improved 3d print files. The files will be for the boots, arms, and RT harness.

Keep an eye on this thread!

here is a WIP shot

I know it's been a while, but please any answer would be appreciated, how much would it cost to have all the 3D printed parts of one boot of your size? just the pieces.
And if this is impossible for you please can you update us about the files for the boot? thanks a lot, i really admire what you've done, this is amazing.
Just came by this thread as well.
Nice work on the details and Modeling.
I went through all the posts and didn't read where you might have mentioned the modeling program you are using?

Just wondering since I am trying to learn modeling myself. :)
Looking for updates when they come.


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