3 central "fuses" on E11 Blaster Cylinders?


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Every set of repro blaster cylinders I've seen has 2 central "fuses" but I think maybe there were actually 3 on the screen-used E11s.

This photo of a 6-rack of the E11-used "mystery valves" on a mouse droid clearly shows 3 central "fuses". I doubt the Bapty dressers would have taken the time to remove the 3rd one & I can't think of a reason why they would need to.

I imagine someone has suggested this idea before & it has been disproved with material evidence but, to my knowledge, there isn't a clear enough photo of the original blasters to be sure.

Has anyone any thoughts before I start making cylinder units with 3 fuses for my Sterling build and scratch builds?

Thanks, Andy
Oh, I stumbled on and read through this whole project last week while looking for something completely related :D Really great work going on there!
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