Got a new project underway


New Member
I’ve had an idea for a Nahdar Vebb saber using a simple aluminium tube with 3d printed parts.

I chose this particular saber design because it’s one of the few that I could find other than the camera flash hilts that is mainly composed of a consistent diameter tube with parts slid over it. I don’t have the money nor space for a CNC lathe to make any design I want.

And I’m not willing to go the completely 3d printed route for a bladed saber with electronics due to the obvious durability issues. With the Nahdar design, I can simply 3d print the emitter dish, grips, and pommel, then slide them over the main metal body, in accordance with the original model. That way, the weight of the blade won’t be able to put any pressure on the plastic parts. I’m also planning on making an MPP styled saber using the same method. What do you guys think? Also, I’d like to know if there are any more hilt designs I could replicate using this strategy.


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