Gah, why do I only find out about these things the day after they close?!?

Is there any way I could sneak in on the end there, or are names already being distributed? I really wanted to take part this year and I hadn't even heard about the registration until this morning.
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The time has come and while we await

Our receiver's from Michael, not chosen by fate.

Here is a sonnet to build up the tension

Now look at the list your receiver did mention.

No Argyle socks, cos we're all on it.

"I used Argyle socks in last years sonnet"

Get some ideas from the knowledge filled font

But make, buy or swap for something that you'd want.

You know you've picked well and struck the right tone

When you have to make, buy... one of your own.

The names are coming and rolling in

I love each years gift, its always a win.

I leave you all now so lets have some fun

I'm 14 lines in....... This Sonnet...... Is done.

Merry Cristmas all. Lets do this.

Michael Bergeron

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Okay, all matches are now out. If you didn't get a PM let me know!

Which means I can finally post my interests!

I love:

- Fallout
- Star Wars (OT and ST)
- Star Trek (TOS & TNG)
- James Bond (Connery, Craig, Dalton, Lazenby, Brosnan, Moore. In that order)
- Jurassic Park
- Doctor Who (Patrick Troughton is my favourite, followed by Tom Baker and David Tennant)
- Vintage video games. I have a large collection but welcome ANYTHING I don't already have. Here's a current list of what I do have if you want to check it out, you can sort by console: Mbergeron's games » CLZ Cloud for Games

Specific wants?

The "pie in the sky" stuff:

- Decent XWing helmet - Red 5 Luke paint ideal but not picky
- Snowtrooper helmet
- Power Armour helmet from Fallout
- Attache case from FRWL (Really dreaming here. Lol)

The "realistic" stuff:

- Attache case dagger from FRWL
- PADD from Star Trek TNG
- Phaser from Star Trek TNG
- StimPak or Jet from Fallout
- Really any of the myriad of Fallout items from any of the games

But I'll be happy with whatever my Santa thinks I'd like. Kits are cool, I'm not into figures and statues, but my kids would make use of them if I got one.

Thanks in advance Santa!


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Please add me. I had a great time last year. A very good experience. I'm into..
TOS Star Trek
Batman especially Adam West, Keaton, Bale and Affleck.
Universal Monsters
Galaxy Quest
Predator the original Arnie movie
Elvira Mistress of the Dark.

Kevin Gossett

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First part of my gift is done, just need to finish the second part!



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I dont have time to build anything this year but I did find something on my shelf which I think fits the bill quite nicely. Just gonna bling it up and get it ready to send off.
I'm in a similar situation. My recipient's interests are cool, I'm just having a hard time finding something within those interests to build! I have some things in the works though, and I hope they'll like them.

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