11min cartoon adaptation of The Hobbit


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Tried to do a search if this has already been posted but didn't come up with any results. Please jedifyfe me otherwise :)

Anyhoo, have you guys seen this faithful 11 minute cartoon adaptation of The Hobbit yet?

The Hobbit.mp4 - YouTube



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Whoever was responsible for this...is it wrong to want to kick them in the testicles repeatedly until they vomit blood?


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I never liked the late 70's and early 80's take on the lord of the rings or the hobbit-probably one reason being the whole thing came off as someone who tried a bit too much LSD....

Going back now and actually watching some of it it's amazing how far from the books some of it is.

Now that 11min video...yea some one was ether on happy juice or just had too much of an imagination,hell witness what Dr.Suess did to us (never cared that much for him ether to be frank)


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Ha!! That's funny, because I DID like Bakshi's take on LOTR, simply because it DID look like it was done by someone on LSD!!!:rolleyes
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