1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing scratchbuild

Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

Wow, I am now even more jealous than ever that this won't be a kit as that build looks NICE!!!!! The paintjob is also perfect. Maybe you should have a picture taken of it in the poses seen in the painting and have somebody digitally composite into the painting to make it "come to life" as it were.

I wish SW had gone with THIS. The A-Wing they ended up with looks good from some angles while others aren't so good. But THIS version, IMHO THIS looks good from EVERY angle! This is probably the best looking fighter concept from the Star Wars universe IMHO.
Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

This is one great build !

As I've seen the build of this model by 3D-builder or REL-san.
I know how difficult to build this A wing.

This is one of the highest bench mark of the kind.

Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

Holy cow! That's a nice looking BLUE A-wing! I've always loved this art and loved the blue squadron scheme.
Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

Utterly beautiful, captures the painting in every aspect, and, a bit more interesting than the final prop IMO.

Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

HMMM digitally Composite it into a scene. Wonder who Does that.

I can do that. Combat patrol over Coruscant...

Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

Wow that's great!

Thank you, but when you consider the digital man hours that went into the landscapes of Coruscant and the weeks of detailing you put into the scratch build, my effort is an afterthought. You made a great model. I'm just testifyin' in my own way.
What a beautiful build. Sorry to see that it won't be a kit, I'd love to have one to build along with the excellent concept X-Wing kit I got from you.
Wow - this is absolutely incredible. I definitely love this concept better than the actual A-Wing. You did an amazing job making this come alive!
So there's no chance of me getting one of these? I would kill for one.

Gosh, that's just blasted fantastic. You are amazing.

No seriously, I want one.
I think I may need one of these.
I have a nice collection of 24th scale ships, and this beauty would look perfect amongst the group.
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