1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing scratchbuild


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This is a master I'm working on for someone that will be producing a resin kit.

It's about 1/4 larger than the regular A Wing fighter seen in the movie as you can see from the pilot.


First I made the basic hull shape for vac forming.


Then formed two pieces as the top and bottom are the same shape.


Parts together, I will square out the nose with a separate piece.
Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

I always loved that artwork. Looking forward to seeing this built.

BTW, did the Defiant ever get finished? I really want to see how that turned out...
Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

Interesting. I worked on one of these awhile back, but got pulled off onto other things. I know Bar did one a few years ago and even saw a copy at Jimi Clancey's and Scott Scariot's table back in 09 at WonderFest. Looking forward to seeing how this proceeds,
Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

Well Rich, I may have to start saving the money now for this one being that your making it so it can go with my RMQ X-Wing you made. "If it is from Long its got to be good!". Can't wait to see this one. I don't know about the catch phrase sounds like from a soup commercial Lol.
Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

Nice project. I always liked the RMQ stuff. It's amazing that even over these years the designs still hold up to this day.
Can't wait to see how this turns out.
Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

this is going to be cool, will be following this thread closely! great job so far
Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

This is now just going to be a one off and not a kit. It took me several tries to get the canopy glass clear enough on the vac former.




Canopy parts aren't fully trimmed up yet.
Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

Amazing how you can whip this together in a couple of months Richard, just amazing and damn even the primer looks good Lol!
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Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

Not only have you captured the concept well, but you make it look so good that it's convincing as a piece of aerospace engineering. If I didn't know what this was, I'd think it could fly.
Re: 1/24 scale Ralph McQuarrie A Wing

Thanks guys. Here's the size difference between the concept and the regular A Wing. I based it on the size of the pilot in the painting compared to the pilot in the studio model. It's like a super A Wing.

Here's a pic with my 24 scale X Wing, and the resin 24 scale A Wing from Modelnutz.

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