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    Delete Thread

    Re: Spider-man shoe quesiton; how do you adapt a sneaker? I used a water shoe sole and some Shoe Goo to attach my spider-shoes and it was super easy. The only problem is ensuring that you don't accidentally glue yourself to the soles, but other than that, I don't see a reason to even bother...
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    Skyrim daedric armor (male)

    Oh mah gawd unfold them all!
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    N7:Armour Templates/Patterns & Prop Codex

    This is amazing, I do believe I've found a suit to build for Halloween!
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    JFcustom's FOAM files

    Re: Speed-building files'n'tricks : FOAM Iron Man MkVII within 4 days. Oh man those illustrations are great, adding them to my growing compendium of building tips so I can eventually get around to building something foamy and awesome.
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    Custom Mando Project (Need Help)

    You might wanna check out the Mandalorian Mercs site, it's all Mandos all the time!
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    Southernmost Iron Man mk 6 helmet (Pics!)

    Glad to see another student from UCF on here! Are you perchance gonna be going to Megacon in February? I'm thinking of starting a foam costume for that, but if nothing else I've got a spidey costume to wear to it. I'm in the Towers so unfortunately I can't break out the bondo and fiberglass in a...
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    Foam Armour Monster Hunter Build

    Lookin' good so far! I haven't played the MH games before, but I've always loved the armor designs and ridiculously large weapons :>
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    Cyborg Ninja (Metal Gear Solid) - pics of completed costume

    Re: Cyborg Ninja (Metal Gear Solid) That looks so great, thanks for putting up such a detailed step-by-step, I'm marveling!
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    Where to get a Spider-man costume?

    I'm a poor college student so I opted for one of the zentai suits and I was really surprised. The stitching is solid, and it looks awesome. The webbing is screen-printed off and started to wear off of the fingers after a few days of heavy use (4-day weekend of drunken spider partying for...
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    Desert Storm Foam Bat- Con Pics up- Project done - For now

    Re: Desert Storm Bat- Foam Build Deluxe- 65% lots of progress pics Awesome build! Just wondering, do you order your foam from an outlet or anything? I've been completely unable to find any around Orlando, and ordering from Amazon won't deliver to my PO box! I need me some foam or I'm gonna have...
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    Smoke's Predator Build WIP -Done. I think.

    Re: Smoke's Predator Build WIP - Blade Gauntlet 90% sculpted. This is really freakin' cool! I'm loving the Sintra armor, and the bodysuit is excellent!
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    Assassin's Creed series costume projects (AC3 tomahawk on 6-1-12 -page 6)

    Re: Assassin's Creed series costume projects (updated on 8-8-11 page.3) This is amazing, your leatherwork is gaaawgeouus. The whole outfit is, actually. Great work!
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    Skullknight full costume (pic heavy)

    Wow. Just... holy crap. Quick question, on the sword/shield it looked like you put tinfoil down before you bondo'd it. Does that just provide a better surface for it to attach to?
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    War Machine Foam Build FINAL- YOUTUBE VIDS UP

    Re: War Machine Foam Build Keep it up! The armor's looking great.
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    Finishing a Suckface MkIII Iron Man helmet

    That is a thing of beauty.