yet another Facehugger thread..


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yeah another thread on the aliens facehugger..just trying to find the best kit painted pref as my painting skills are really bad :unsure

been searching on here an notice that Halcyon kits seem to be popular but hard to find!..anyone know if these are a latex type? would luv to get one that is moveable..if they exist...

and also what is the size of the scale versions 1:1 50inches in length???


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Halcyon is the best, molded directly from the movie molds. They are made of vinyl and not bendable. There are painted versions of this same kit when a company called Tsukuda bought the molds and rights to distribute...but it's a factory paint job and there for not the best.

There are some foam latex versions floating around out there that were made by someone in the U.S. years ago, and those have metal wire in the legs making them bendable/poseable, but those are hard to come by (although there is a guy on the Aliens Legacy board who lives in the U.K. who is currently selling one).

DO NOT buy the Asian copies you see on eBay. They are copies of copies of copies and have shrunk with each recasting. You won't be getting a 1:1 copy even though that's what they state the size is.

As for the length of facehuggers in general, I'm thinking it's around 3 feet from the top of the main body to tip of tail.
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