X-Wing Question/References

Junk Pilot

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I have a simple question that I didn't know where to ask so hopefully it's not considered trivial.

Can anyone tell me exactly how big the rear engine heat sinks are (in cms)? Photo next to a ruler would be great.

Also I am lacking photos of Red 4/5 so I'd be happy to be pointed in the right direction of some or if possible (if it's not wrong to ask) to organise to get reference CD's from other members. Thanks


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I can measure the heatsinks tomorrow man. Youre only gonna get studio pix of red 4 pyro and good luck with the studio pix of red 5. Not sure if your build is hero or pyro but the paint jobs differ from each. Ie red 3 hero and red 3 pyro have completely different paintjobs. Maybe you could be more specific on what you are building. You know they weren't white though .. Right? He he....

Junk Pilot

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The colour is not a major concern at the moment as I am just getting references for now. I'd most likely be looking at Red 5 anyway.

And why aren't they white????? jk


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Well, a donor kit part that varies is the jack behind the wing, underneath the phantom engine.
For example, Red 3 has got all four donated from the Stug, while Red 5 has two from the Stug and two from the Hummel.

The other part that changes is the Hanomag tube between the wing plates. It varies from model to model but I do not remember from what kit did that other part came from, I think it was from the 8 rad, Monogram or Tamiya I do not remember.
For example, Red 2 has got the Hanomag part while Red 5 and 3 have the 8 rad part.
That is what I recall so far.
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