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    Cut n Paste, Mix n Match, create yourself a 2 hour extravaganza of Mediocrity, former A listers in cameos, and bad CGI.

    A(n): Asteroid
    Solar Flare
    Solar Ejection
    Cosmic Ray
    Ion Storm
    Magnetic Storm
    Black Hole
    Planet such as Mars or Mercury
    The Moon
    Accident at a Nuclear Accelerator/Collider
    Accident at the first Contra-Terrine Reactor

    Threatens to Destroy Earth by:
    Collapse of the Planet Core
    Sucking us into it
    Throwing us out of orbit
    Ice Tornados
    Tidal Wave(s)

    the Government is:
    Aware of
    Unaware of
    Keeping it a tighlty guarded secret
    Refusing to listen to all warnings and reason

    Those warnings AKA THE TRUTH DAMNIT are coming from:
    A brilliant Scientist
    A discredited scientist
    A Brilliant discredited scientist
    The Son of a brilliant discredited scientist
    A group of grad students
    A Blogger/Conspiracy Theorist who gets it right for once

    The main plan to save us is:
    Not going to work and they have no backup plan
    Not going to work so they have to use an untested Technology
    Is Contingent on using as untested technology
    Is not going to work BUT Someone else has an unsanctioned backup plan depending on Untested Technology

    This Technology was created/built:
    By a brilliant Scientist
    By a brilliant Macho Scientist
    Years ago by a discredited scientist
    Years ago by the discredited Father of a scientist
    By a group of Grad Students for their Senior Thesis
    In secret by the Government
    In secret by a Mega Corporation
    In secret by a Discredited Scientist
    In secret by the Son of a Discredited Scientist

    The only person who can save us all is:
    A brilliant Scientist
    A brilliant Macho Scientist
    A Macho Man guided by a Brilliant Scientist
    A group of Grad Students
    A misunderstood but brilliant youth
    An everyday Joe at the right time and place

    The Main threat to the Plan is:
    Inept Governent Bureucrats
    Greedy Corporate Officers
    Head scientists who feel threatened by our heroes awesomeness
    Black Clad Jackbooted thugs who are only interested in following orders
    A Military Commander who's only option is to use maximum firepower regardless of consequence
    The Idiot project head who couldn't extrapolate pi to the third decimal point
    Unforseen complications due to a secondary storyline

    Helping the Hero of the story is:
    His Highly placed and can pull strings for him Ex-wife whom is secretly still in love with him
    His until the end resentful brat of a child
    His Highly placed and can pull strings for him Girlfriend
    A group of grad students
    The only Military Officer/Security Officer who doesn't have his head up his butt
    A Blogger/Conspiracy Theorist who's along for the ride
    His faithful assistant
    His faithful Female assistant who is secretly in love with him
    An expendible friend or two

    Bulding Suspense, our hero can't activate the weapon/technology because:
    It's missing a Key Component they have to retrieve or repair
    The computer goes down and needs to be repaired
    The power drops to below acceptable levels and needs to be restored
    The path to the shiny red button is cut off and they have to find a new way around
    His faithful assistant is a member of a doomsday cult and is commiting acts of sabotage
    His faithful assistant is a foreign agent and is commiting acts of sabotage and who doesn't seem to realize no Earth = No foreign Nation to serve
    The head scientist/military officer/corporate executive becomes mentally deranged from the pressure and is commiting acts of sabotage

    Our hero Activates the weapon/technology at the last moment:
    And the Earth is saved totally, all is Puppies, Kittens and Rainbows
    And the Earth is saved but damaged but humanity is now wiser and better off for it
    And the Earth is saved, but our hero sacrifices his life
    And the Earth is saved, but our hero has to sacrifice the life of someone he cares about
    And the Earth is totally blowed up
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    If someone took the time to checklist this against the releases already they'd be able to figure out what's coming out soon. :unsure
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    So if a million monkeys on a million typewriters.... wait a sec. If a single monkey pushed a few buttons, they could write the next SyFy movie.
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    I want to see the one where the Cola plant explodes releasing a mutagenic cola to the mass markets.
  5. 0neiros

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    Write it, get Jolt as your sponsor and you're set. I Love SyFy Disaster movies, i don't know why, I just do. So I Mentally Sifted Through all the ones I've seen to come up with that list, PLUS some inspiration from Big Budget ones like The Core and Day After Tomorrow.
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    Just make sure to include a role for a plucky, straight-out-of-college, newly hired, research assistant, who is slightly nerdy, but miraculously sexy, when she takes off her horn rimmed glasses, who is put in charge of the group of grad students, so Mr. Verta's wife has a shot at a featured role.

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    All of last year, CHUD.com had the creator of SyFy Channel's EUREKA come up with totally F'd up plots for future SyFy Channel movies. He did ONE A DAY, the whole year. Every single on of them is HYSTERICAL - and so bad/insane that they'd be PERFECT.
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    Just go to kmart, I saw a 12 movie set for 5.00 of scifi channel films. I think they might have been monster movies but I bet they have one for scifi films.

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