Wraith of Khan Communicator


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i was watching Star Trek II Wrath of Khan the other day and noticed they where using wrist watch communicators i was wondering has anyone made these or no if there a found item ?

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AFAIK the wrist comms on the Reliant crew are found items, some kind of early-80s jogging accessory probably.

Starland used to sell this one, which is where I swiped the pix from

"You've... managed to COLLECT just about every other PROP but you KEEP-MISSING-THE-WRIST-COMM...

Ironically Kirk has his most famous line in the whole movie, while talking on the wrist comm and not on his own...


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do you by anychance know the exact name of the found item ?

id be interested in trying to track it down if i can

thanks for the pics also :)


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Well, it says "channel". It's possible it's some typre of wrist radio.


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Back in the late '80s I got to visit Modern Props. They were the prop house that rented props for that movie I got to see that prop as well as the Genesis lab computers and other genesis equipment, the STII tricorder, as well as the STII spatula communicator.

The casing was a found item and described as a "jogging computer" by a former Modern Props employee but I can't say if that was the original makers name for the item. It calculated miles run, duration of the run and calories burned or something like that. The top surface was smoked plex backlit with L.E.D.s effects. I can't say how much altering of the original piece there was as I have no idea what it originally looked like.

Jogging really started to take off towards the later part of the '70s and WOK was released in '82 if I'm not mistaken. I suppose looking on Ebay for a vintage jogging item like that would be in order.


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Guess which little old propmaker did make those???

Here is part of the story:


And the early version of the com.

I really need to find some time and fill in the Trek Film stories and pictures.

I did do a few runs of them for sale, looks like Starland had someone doing them without me, wrong lables on that one. Dare I say Koffrecastingkoft...

OF course I could not do them after 96, so it would not be recasting... per-say. Perhaps if I can hook up with Rod.com again I can do a new run.