Enterprise Wrath Of Khan Viewscreen


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I had this idea for a couple "window" paintings. Turns out I don't want to look out a window and see a skyline. My first idea was the movie Enterprise viewscreen. My favorite Star Trek movie was by far Wrath of Khan. I decided to paint the Reliant with the Mutara Nebula in the background like it's coming strait for the Enterprise.

I am also going to build a custom frame to look like the viewscreen.

So far the painting is done and the wood has been cut for the viewscreen. Here is a picture of the painting. Let me know what you think. More as I work on the viewscreen...

20240420 Enterprise Viewscreen Post.jpg
This is complete! The frame is now complete and it is hung in my office! The frame is loosely based on the Enterprise viewscreen. The odd shape took more work than I thought it would, but I'm really proud of how it came out!!! Here are a couple pictures. Excuse the reflection, I don't have a fancy camera. Let me know what you think!!



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