Would this be crime??


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I was in the process of weathering my obiwan saber made by icon, beacuse i really do not like the finish and there are unrepairable dents and dings. How many of you would weather your icon saber? or modify any licensed props?
I say do whatever makes you happy.
If you picked up the saber for your collection , and you believe it will make you happier to weather it , then do it :)
I personally wouldn't mess with it or any other licensed prop unless it's already messed up.

Pieces come and pieces go. If you alter it, there goes what ever value the Sabers had.

If you don't care to make the best money you can from it, then go ahead and modify it.

"Do it. Do it now."

The true value of a prop (screen used or replica) is how much you enjoy it. If you would enjoy owning this piece more if it were weathered, then do so. Whether or not the prop is licensed has no bearing on the situation as far as I am concerned.

That stated: It is much easier to be brave about modifying an inexpensive and/or readily available prop... not because there is less financial loss, but because it is easier to obtain a replacement to try again if your modifications do not go as planned. If you have a rare and/or expensive piece then you have to consider your skill level and the likehood that the finished product will be as you envisioned it. Even the Pros drop the ball in the endzone ever once in a while. Bondo and paint doesn't fix everything, but it sure does fix a lot.

Again, if your skillz are up to challenge and you will enjoy the piece more if it is weathered, I say "Do it." and don't think twice about it.
i say forget about value.

You want to feel proud when that baby is on display. weather it up.

Members here have repainted and weathered MR AT-ATs i believe
I agree with Franz Bolo - I personally wouldn't with a licensed prop unless it was already damaged in some way, but its just a matter of choice at the end of the day.

You must do what you feel is right, of course. ;)

Forgetting about value and so on, I much prefer a weathered Obi saber to a clean version.
Nah, to hell with the supposed value.....

If you want to tinker with the saber then DO IT.

After all, if Steve The Swede can weather and augment his MR AT-AT why can't you do it to an old saber?

I'm so tired of this "keep things pristine, in their packaging nonsense....as Dredd said..."All these things are toys..."

We may be old farts nowadays, but what the hey...LET'S PLAY WITH OUR TOYS. :D
I would go for a middle ground. Disassemble the saber and weather each part separately using some acrylic color that is kind to the metal and does not eat into it. Then if you want to sell it later on, you should be able to remove the weathering without harming what is underneath.
But then, I personally prefer items that are almost pristine - worn but not beaten up.
To echo the sentiments above, I'd go for it if it makes you happy. I'd probably do it, just for kicks.

Remember, we never really OWN anything anyway...we're all just borrowing. Live in the now.

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