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Hi everyone,

I played Arkham City and I really liked the Robin render. So I decided to build it.
As I don't have a very muscular body, I went to a personal design based on the AC render and some other concepts I found online and on the DC Icons book.

Here's what I've done so far.





Yeah it's like making an xmas elve outfit :p



WHat do you guys think about it ?
Looking good so far! The sewing lines look pretty even and the armor all looks even spaced (which is a pain the in you-know-what to manage). I'd say you're on the right track.
I'm trying to find some good trousers but cannot choose between these 3 :

The side armors are removable on this one (the most expensive)

Kevlar, pretty casual look, cheapest:

Average price, pretty cool look for super hero outfit (nah ?)
I advise taking the one with made of the lightest and/or most breathable fabric. Unless the rest of your costume is lightweight, heavy pants will likely be uncomfortable if you are wearing them for more than a couple hours.

They all look good. I like number 3 the best because of the design elements, but only if you can block out the logo with a belt. Otherwise, I vote number 2.
Thanks for the advice !

Yep, I think the 3rd has a better design too :) It also got a removable insulating lining. The only thing I have to know is if the thermal stuffing is also removable. If not, I'll have to go for the 2nd one made of kevlar.
I received the pants yesterday but no pics for the moment.
I'll make a fitting test at the end of the day.

But I made some progress on the top suit :

Adding the logo cut from foam

Re-shaping the hood

Snaps to fix the cap

I used some canvas I already get to make a first version of the cap :)
Do you have a pattern for your reshaped hood? I would love to use it for a Green Arrow build all the other hood patterns I've seen I wasn't too fond of..
I really appreciate that you like my hood :)
Unfortunately, I don't have any pattern, I made it as I felt it.
What I can tell you is that I used a sewing model ("mannequin") to shape it at first and then, rounded the sides. Not sure if it helps. If you want, I can take the measurements of it ^^
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