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Hellboy is one of my absolute favorite IPs, and thanks to the AMAZING Secret Santa gift from BondoKing here on the forum, I can finally display it.

When Christmas time hit, my wife and I were living out of a room in family’s house, so I had no place to display the gift. Now that we’ve bought a house, it’s one of the first things I put up. It’s definitely a top tier display piece, and I’m going to theme up the cubby of that shelf to better suit the aesthetic.

But for now, here’s the display, with the stunning horn carven with Hellboy art, and the incredible meticulous files he created for me, plus all six bottles of the small batch beer released a few years ago. I’ve got a few more small pieces to add, once unpacked.


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Wait, what?! Hellboy beer?! How did THIS get by me?!
I seem to remember years ago there was a site where you could print the labels off.. probably Deviant Art.
I have them on a HDD somewhere as meaning to do something similar.

Edit: Ha! quick search and it was 2019 and a Real set of beers.
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