WIP: Army Intel Item 9906753, (AKA The box for the Arc of the Covenant)


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Longtime Lurker, this is my second build that I'm sharing here, so any suggestions for improvements are welcome!

I use a lot of index cards for meeting notes or reminders. I've had several sketches for an 'index card holder' but after watching asavage make a one day build from styrene, I came up with an idea...

Let's make my index cards live in this box...

Yes, there's a typo/error in the number here. I was testing font sizes for the water-slide decals, you can see a small "18" in the corner.

After Primer.

After dark coat and mid-coat.

Still working on weathering and texturing the box, then printing the water slide decals.

Comments appreciated!


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Cool idea. Looking good so far. The crate isn't something I've seen a lot of people do.

I made a side of the crate to fill in the back of one of my shelves.
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