1. Psab keel

    10 ft. Raiders Kangaroo Bullwhip

    Raiders of the Lost Ark Kangaroo Bullwhip. -10 Ft. -12 Plait. -Brand New (never been cracked even once) -Natural Tan Kangaroo -Whitehide fall -Made by Casey Tyler (now retired) -Full belly construction and functional whip (not a belt hanging prop- a real- fully functional tool) -Longer handle...
  2. Egon

    Indiana Jones Style Raiders Trousers in Cotton by KarolianDryGoods Surplus - Limited Run

    Available for purchase here: Preorder - Pleated Officer Trousers - Cairo Olive Made in cotton cavalry twill, these trousers faithfully reproduce the style worn by Indy in Raiders of the Lost Ark. They have 7 belt loops, folded waistband, angled front entry pockets, straight fit, 4 inch...
  3. LTsmash1200

    Done / Completed Indiana Jones Raiders/Ravenwood Journal (blank)

    These are hand made by me. The pages are sewn, not just glued. Once the book is done I age the cover, the front and back pages, and the edges with sandpaper, espresso, and Fuller's Earth to get it nice and deserty. I leave the rest of the pages unaged to avoid warping, but you could do the rest...
  4. T

    WIP: Army Intel Item 9906753, (AKA The box for the Arc of the Covenant)

    Longtime Lurker, this is my second build that I'm sharing here, so any suggestions for improvements are welcome! I use a lot of index cards for meeting notes or reminders. I've had several sketches for an 'index card holder' but after watching asavage make a one day build from styrene, I came...
  5. PropReplicator2

    Done / Completed PR2 Golden Fertility Idol

    After a long time of meticulous work I am finally wrapping this project up and plan on a very limited run of these before I “retire” from prop making for a little while.. I recently got a quote back from the local chrome painting shop, and was impressed with the samples they showed me. Every...