1. Gojira72

    Shin Kamen Rider(2023) 3D Print Cosplay(WIP)

    So in preparation for Shin Kamen Rider coming out next year I have been over the past little while have been trying to replicate the helmet. The base of the Helmet was a 3D print from RAProduct3D on Etsy. The files came with forms for the eyes that I am currently smoothing out and preparing to...
  2. NycWallCrawler9

    CW Red Arrow / Speedy (WIP)

    A few months back I started slowly collecting/building things for my Speedy (Red Arrow) cosplay from the show "Arrow." I won't be able to make everything exactly the same as it is on the show, since its almost impossible to source everything, but im gonna try to get it somewhat close! I'll be...
  3. alenami

    Iron Man MK4 (WIP)

    Hello everyone! Let’s do my first post here! This is my MK IV eva foam so far. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Stuman

    Audrey 2 WIP Sculpture

    Hi all, I am a long time member of this forum, but have inactive for a very long time. This is my first thread and would like to hsare a WIP of Audrey 2 from The Little Shop of Horrors. It is nearing completion then will be up for sale. Here are the photos of where it is at. I don't have the...
  5. Wingman Apex legends (Arduino nano Animation)

    Wingman Apex legends (Arduino nano Animation)

    first project of the year. took me long enough to finally get the accurate animation of the WIngman Pistol from apex legends....few changes will be done before the painting....dont mind the blue inc....ive mistakenly cut out the full pen refill instead of empty one....hope you guys like it... soon i
  6. M

    The Infinity Soldier: Ironman Sleek Style Undersuit

    Hello everyone. After a long time studying and seeing all the great creations on this site, I'm planning out a couple of my own. The first being an undersuit that resembles the RDJ Ironman 3 under armor. Some combination of the two photos I've attached. Was thinking of getting a similar looking...
  7. T

    WIP: Army Intel Item 9906753, (AKA The box for the Arc of the Covenant)

    Longtime Lurker, this is my second build that I'm sharing here, so any suggestions for improvements are welcome! I use a lot of index cards for meeting notes or reminders. I've had several sketches for an 'index card holder' but after watching asavage make a one day build from styrene, I came...
  8. Jkirkon

    1/24 Rogue One U-wing

    1/24 U-wing kit from Korbanth just arrived. 41” overall when complete. This model was designed by Alfred Wong. The castings are ok overall, but this kit is going to need a lot of work to iron out some kinks. There are a few places that need serious cleanup. The engines in particular are going...