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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Dedalus5550, May 16, 2015.

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    A while back, I posted a question about the Fine Molds MF--should I build it with windows or without? This was at a site that doesn't really touch on sci-fi much, and I wanted to know what people there thought. One response made a lot of sense. "Are you building a model of a spaceship--that HAS windows--or a model of a model--which has no windows?" (paraphrasing from memory, but you get the point). So I think of myself as building a model of a spaceship. If and when I get to my SS stuff, I plan on putting windows in--but yet I don't think I've ever seen that, certainly not much if at all. I will start this DeAgostini MF as soon as I get a few more months' worth (I've got 1-8 right now) and I plan on putting in windows (but otherwise doing much fewer mods than most people, or more than my old self would have done). I'm just wondering why so few people (if anyone) ever put in "glass"? Filming models had issues with glare, so studio prop makers had that limitation put on them. Modelers, though, put that limitation on themselves--or it's peer pressure, I dunno. I feel like someone would say--privately or openly--that a SS model with windows looks "stupid" but yet I don't see anyone ripping the clear sections out of styrene kits that are not SS. Seems like most 72nd scale FM MFs I've seen built up, they chose the clear parts over windowless parts. A lot of cars used in movies have their windshield removed for the purposes of filming. I wonder what would happen if someone built one of those models without a windshield.
    Mike Todd
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    i've built a few s/s scale star wars and non star wars kits and a couple that are not finished.i always put clear styrene in for the windows weather the original filming had them or not.
    whilst i strive to make the models look accurate i don't think they look right with no clear panels in the window frames.
    that's just my personal's your kit do what you think looks best to you and don't worry bout peer group pressure.:)
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    I've subscribed to the deagostini falcon and I'm definitely putting the windows in. Mainly because if I have it displayed outside of a case the dust will get into the cockpit, and that **** can get real hard to clean out.
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    I am planning windows in my deagostini falcon for the same reason about dust, trying to get it out of there will be a nightmare.
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    Wow. Only a few responses, but reminiscent of the end of the movie "Pump Up the Volume"--people chiming in to say they will break the rules. I'm surprised, almost shocked.
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    For me, I try to make it as close to the studio model as possible. If the studio model has glass then I put in glass, but if not, then I leave it out.
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    A little known fact.. very little, but windows were purposefully not installed so audiences could hear engine and pew-pew noise in space.
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    Give people a chance
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    My advice is....ask a really simple question that makes logical sense that isn't framed within 1400 words without line breaks.

    I actually thought your thread title was about Bill Gates and his obsession with doorways:lol......
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    I think the answer is in your question.
    If you build a model that is a replica of a filming miniature that did not have glass, dont put glass !
    if you're building a model of ship, add glass.

    If I had to build a model of a real X-Wing, I would not use the studio scale cockpit nor the Harrier pilot with that sculpted helmet that has nothing to do with the full size helmet and I would not paint it solid black... And of course I would add glasses. And I probably do a paintjob that would not be as heavier as a studio model paint has to be.

    Another exemple... My SS Falcon... No glass and only 2 seats, like the original 32" ! If I wanted to do a model of a Millenium Falcon then I would have done what MR did... And idealized cockpit with 4 seats. Like the real Falcon has.

    in any case it is your choice and your likes, you are building your models for you and not for other. If you want to put glasses on your models, do it !
  11. PHArchivist

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    No glass...
  12. Jaitea

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    My Falcon projects I'm making will be no glass,....because thats what the falcon looks like.....BUT.....with the new CG Ep7 Falcon as seen in the latest trailer,.....she has glass, if I build a model based on the new Trilogy or Spin-offs,....I'll be putting glass in,......also in the first teaser you can see glass in the TIEs now also

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    ... because CGI models can have their glass 'glare free'. It was a practical matter for the originals, not an aesthetic one. So as a practical matter for a display piece, enclosing the openings with clear parts (as noted...) keeps the dust out.

    However, it comes down to your personal requirements in any case.

    R/ Robert
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    Personally, every model I've ever built came with glass canopies. But at that scale it always looked like Farnsworth goggle glasses. I attempted a few builds using thinner clear butrate plastic (like the kind in school binders) but glue never seemed to want to hold it in place and usually fell out. So usually I ended up with no windows in my models. It tends to make it harder to see the detail I put into the interior when it's in. I realize that for filming, they left the glass out because of the glare for the camera lenses, but I still think it would look cool if it were done right at the right width and thickness. Otherwise, don't bother.

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