Will the RPF have a Presence at NYCC this year?

late to my own party. NYCC was super fun. got to meet Eddie who plays Pete on Warehouse 13. He actually wanted to talk to me about what i did and about my art.

we talked for like 20 min or so about drawing and about his art and he was really super fun to talk to. He asked me to stop by the next day to chat some more which i did and gave him some of my posters that I drew. really cool guy!


me and the woman doing our best BTTF homage.


one of the best costumes i saw there.


and this was last min 10 min before the con closed lol. so good!

the RPF is just about to dip it's toe into the UK convention scene, if it's a success which im sure it will be, i'd like to see it continue with 2 Con's a year summer and winter for instance.

Having been involved in this the first UK one it is a logistical nightmare getting everthing in place, the stress and worry that come's with organising is crazy too.

Attending a few major Con's per year is plenty unless you have a dedicated Events team
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