Will the RPF have a Presence at NYCC this year?

walk down to the north pavillion? where the autographs are, and you will see a nice collection of props from iron man 1 and 2, and at the legendary pictures booth, they have the props from inception. Il get some pics today if i can!
How much does a space cost, per day?

How long in advance do you need to book?

Is it worth the RPF picking one or several prime Cons to repersent at?

Would anything be sold there to recover costs?

It's an interesting angle.

Does an internet type community even need a phsical representation , and will it be of use to members?

What are the Pros of Cons? (sorry couldn't resist the pun)

Your thoughts?
same here, im so damn tired. I actually think tomorrow i might just bring my UDreplicas Tron Jacket! I figure it's worth it!!!
I got back late myself. I'll upload pics once I get them from my friend's camera. It was GREAT this year!
How much does a space cost, per day?

How long in advance do you need to book?

Is it worth the RPF picking one or several prime Cons to repersent at?

Would anything be sold there to recover costs?

It's an interesting angle.

Does an internet type community even need a phsical representation , and will it be of use to members?

What are the Pros of Cons? (sorry couldn't resist the pun)

Your thoughts?

I don't know how much space would cost per day for something like an RPF booth but it'd probably be easy to find out.

I'd try and book it as early as possible, it's already huge and it's still growing. Today was already insanely packed and tomorrow is probably gonna be so congested I'm planning on holing up downstairs in as many interesting seminars, classes and panels as I can while still being able to momentarily pop back up, check the situation and maybe say hi to some people throughout the day.

I'd say New York, Dragoncon, and maybe San Diego CC all seem like good candidates for RPF booths. We do have a good amount of members who live close enough to all of them that travel costs would be minimum and it'd just be a matter of shipping merch and equipment to the various locations. Or, since we are an industrious group, it may even be cost effective to build different setups for the different cons.

We could do RPF tee shirts and other merch, maybe invite members to create original works (or runs of those items as the case may be) that could be sold with the profits split in an equitable fashion. That one kinda deviates from the "replica" part inherent in the nature of the board but there are original works springing up here and there. I think it'd be a good thing to take advantage of if this situation goes any further than the discussion phase.

It is a very interesting angle, and a good one to put up for discussion.

Is it necessary? Not a bit. Would it benefit the community? I think it would immensely. First of all there are an insane amount of awesome costumers at cons who would love this place if they knew about it. Second it would be a good way to have local members meet and hang out and just generally I think it would bond a good amount of the board closer together. Most importantly, though, it would be a ton of fun for all involved.


I Am Not A Lawyer (used to be a paralegal, though) but I do have some concerns as to whether raising the board's profile like this would bring a bit of unwanted attention if the wrong people asked the wrong questions about the board and didn't get the right answers. That's mainly why I went more towards emphasizing our members' original works than suggesting selling prop replicas. A lot of the companies licensed to make and sell products based on movie/tv properties and also a lot of the companies who make/distribute those properties have at least some presence at pretty much all of the cons I suggested above. A C&D by mail is unpleasant, I'd imagine getting one in person is probably a bit worse. Or I could just be paranoid.
i think the dragoncon booths require someone to be there at all times that the convention is active... so like from (9am-8pm?)

i think all the tables are in the "dealer's room", i dont think they have a mere corporate pitch/ organization space. they sell things in the dealer room.

i hear the atms run out of cash in the entire city as well as all the local bank branches. you have to leave the city limits to find cash after day 2. the vendors only take cash, so i guess they really rake it in. the 5 four star hotels there have areas with several atms in several locations...... to run them all dry.....

what would be the purpose of a table there for this website? the reason people drop so much cash, is because the goods there are often as good as a comiccon. a rpf tee-shirt wont sell so well i think.

perhaps a banner,or some poster ads at the hotel would accomplish the same thing? people take alot of photos there, so the rpf banner might make it into some of them, resulting in online ads that are free.

if one were to have some sort of standup, which people could stand next too and take pictures of, it might attract more of such behavior. the rpf.com would have to be on in a way so as to not be able to be cropped out easy, nor make people not want to take a piture to begin with. i think a minor fee would be charged for setting up such a standup, and a standup requires no attendance. ( i think the hilton has a standup that is a lifesize jabba the hut in 3-d fiberglass, that they allow people to take photos next to for free. )

further ideas?
Updated my Flickr album with 67 more pix, including lots of Iron Man stuff. Some other props, lots of hotties, and Mark Hamill.
New York Comic Con 2011 - a set on Flickr




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Thanks for the fantastic photos ^.
It's just like being there.
I love looking at that type of dispaly.:thumbsup
Will post more pix tomorrow after editing, but my god was it crowded there today. Sardineville. I lasted maybe 5 hours before throwing in the towel. I had hoped that tomorrow would be better, as is traditionally so, but all the Sunday tickets have sold out, so I'm prepaing for the worst.

Don't get me wrong, I'm having a blast, but it's so crowded that it takes forever to get anywhere, and if you absolutely want in on a panel then show up and hour early--at least! Very new to NYCC. In years past, I went everywhere with no trouble. I have a press badge, so usually zip along as I please. Not anymore. I took the escalator down to the first floor hoping to squeeze into a session and was dumped into a teeming sea of people just waiting. Ridiculous.

Javits also is starting to look like hell. The place was better when the mob ran things (fughedaboutit!). It's been downhill since Guiliani kicked the wiseguys out. It's New York City for godsake, we need a real convention center. Javits is a bread box.

More later.
Another crop of pix added to my Flickr album

Micro Thing (sorry for the glare).

Batgirl and Bane square off. These little improvised scenarios popped up everywhere.

Serious She Hulk. She had a killer bod.

Cara Nicole rocking as Power Girl. Another hottie.
Last day the place was still jammed but the crowd started dissipating around 3, so there was a bit more breathing room. But yikes that place was packed all weekend.

More pix added to the Flickr album, but here are some samples.

Holy photobomb, Batman! This guy jumped in the pic at the last second. What a hoot.

Hottie Rocketeer. Yaya Han's booth was a breast festival the entire weekend. A handful of killer babes daily.

Glorious Ms. Marvel cosplayer

Wolverine! Incredible impersonator at the Logan's Closet booth. Wolvie, Captain America, and other leathers to die for.

Clone Trooper and Emperor
The Iron Man stuff was in the passage leading to the North Hall where the autographing and the two Batmobiles and the BTTF Delorian and some other stuff was. I didn't even realize there was a North Hall until the third day. If you went all the way to the North side of the street level floor at around 36th St, you went left and then right. I'll bet 75% of attendees never knew it was there.

Becuase the daily costume contest also was there, I went over a few times to take pix and take a breather since it wasn't so crowded. Saw Mark Hamill a bunch of times, Eliza Dushku, Stephen Lang, and a few others.

And great pix, dude!
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