Will the RPF have a Presence at NYCC this year?


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I enjoyed the updates the RPF had through dragon con on Facebook. Just wondering if they will do the same for NYCC in October. I'll be there and would be cool to help out posting pics etc.
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Re: Will the RPF have a precense at NYCC this year?

G**damn it. I knew i spelled it wrong. almost went with "presents" lol thanks.
Sithcamaro and I might go down because it's not a major haul for us. I can't speak for him, but I know I won't be bringing any costumes (or at least not wearing any to the con, might bring some to shoot with photographers in NYC). I just hate costuming at that con, it can be such a miserable experience. >.<
last years NYCC was pretty pack. like massive people even tho they space was a lot larger. il be there all 4 days at a table with a friend of mine. I hope there's some cool props on display like MIB3 etc. would be cool to see that stuff on the east side.
I don't know if there was much of a presence at DragonCon (as there was no discussion on a group meetup and anyone I know from the RPF I just ran into as I was walking around), but there were a few RPFers there that I know about from the post I made a while back.

Honestly, I'm surprised the RPF doesn't have a booth set up at conventions every once in a while. In fact, when I took a picture of this girl who had a pretty accurate Chell costume from Portal 2 with an amazing replica of Wheatley, she asked if there was a booth for the RPF at DragonCon when I told her about the RPF and how to visit the forums.
would be cool to have an RPF table. Someone give me some RPF flyers and il hand them out at my table lol. love this forum.
I was going to skip NYCC this year seeing as I was fortunate to make it to SDCC. But when I found out Mark Hamill and Stan Lee were going to be there, I couldn't miss my chance to meet them!

I'll be there on Friday wearing my Luke ANH Costume, so if any of you guys and gals spot me, please by all means stop and say hello! I'd love to meet any of you in person.
im excited as well. il be at a table, can't remember what #, i get the sense this year will be awesome again. i have a list of things to buy lolol
My 3-day passes got here a few days ago. I'll be walking around with a preview book of a few comic projects a couple of friends and I are doing. Not dressing up though, I get more into the prop stuff than costumes. Hope to run into some of you guys there.
I'll be there all three days, but the only time I think I'll be costuming is Tali at the Bioware panel. Last year it was SO packed I could barely move around.
kinda sucks that's it's now 4 days long, i use to like to go on the Friday early and walk around before doors open but now i have to do it on a Thursday, with Friday now being busy all day. cant wait tho!!!!
Flickr Album here[/URL].

But here are a few teasers.
Actual JAWS keg borrowed from the current owner.

As part of Matt Taylor's display for his wonderful Jaws: Memories from Martha's Vineyard.

Cosplay babe Yaya Han--YUMMY!

And Wampa puppet (call him Lefty)

Assorted props.
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