Why my Smooth-Cast 325 has stopped working???


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Hello everyone!

I'm using Smooth-Cast 325 some time ago, I had no problem with the first copies, but recently with my last copies, when the mixture starts to cure it swells like foam.

This prevents me doing good copies, and because I'm a noob I don't know what happens :(

Maybe the temperature?

Thank you in advance!
How long ago is "some time ago"? All these products have a limited shelf life which expires even faster the more often you open the container and expose it to air/humidity.
Its has moisture in it, possible from the air. If the containers were left open for to long this is generally how it will happen.
What about degassing under vacuum? Would that "boil" out the water?

I've had good luck doing this twice. Part A and B go in the pot separately. Vac both until the bubbling slows. Part B will almost come to a stop, part A doesnt' seem to stop bubbling so I stop vac'ing when the bubbling slows. Maybe I got A and B reversed, its been a while.

The first time I still got some foaming, but it rose to the top of the casting so it was easy to sand off. The second batch I tried performed as if the resin was new.
Good to know for future reference. Thanks :)

I tended to get bubbling like this as well if you shake the containers, and there is a lot of air in part A and B and you do not degass it before mixing.

I've found that this crazy bubbling happens after mixing happens when you do this.
dday I always shake my bottles to get the "goodies off the bottom" and so they are full of air bubbles during the pour and mix. The Vac Chamber seems to pull them all out though. The only thing that stops me from mixing perfectly is the temp of the day where we seems to be having a heat wave again. The other day I mixed 200g and it kicked in the pot.
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