Where to begin?

I'm not sure what project you want to start, but if you just want general info, here you go:

I started with this website, I looked (and continue) to look at very thread theat interests me. In doing so I have found more projects than I could ever complete, but you get exposed to methods, tools, designs, etc. There is a wealth of info here, and everyone I have asked a question to has responded with tons of info.

I surf the Internet for reference relentlessly, I save odd images from droids, scifi film set shots, weapons, you name it. I am never satisfied with the amount of reference.

As for projects, just pick one and dive in. There are many ways to work in this hobby, so pin pointing specific starting point is tough. Drawing out your plans, setting small goals, picking a budget, and enjoying the process are rules I live by.

Tools are a necessity, you don't need all at once, but a sharp hobby knife, hot glue gun, metal ruler, and a good can of grey primer spray paint are good places to start.

Junk yard is another one of my rules. I save every scrap of crap I can get away with (my wife makes me throw out the rest) everything from plastic bottle lids, plumbing parts, strange plastic objects, or anything else that I can see as useful.

I also suffer from "multiple-projects-at-once" syndrome. Honestly though, I'm fine with it, I get burnt out on one, I move to another.

The bottom line is, there is no one place to start. Everyone does things different. Some of us on this site are obsessed with every detail, making very replica 100% screen accurate. Others are more lax, and others still (I fall into this category) take reference and create our own stuff inspired by real props. The point is, get out there, make a mess in the garage, basement, or the kitchen table. Take progress pics and post them here, cause it's not real until we see:)

Most important, enjoy the hobby, don't get too frustrated, most of my first props were really crappy, now most are only sort of crappy, and one or two I'm actually proud of.

Hope that helps, and hope to see your stuff posted soon!

- Brian
If it's actual mold making, check your local junior college. I was surprised to find a class on mold making a few years back and it was very helpful. On a very cool note, my teacher was Wah Chang's apprentice for 20+ years.
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