When one Project is not enough: Demon Hunter Diablo 3


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So back when I started my build of Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel power armour My Girlfriend got Hyped and Wanted Her own costume we chose Demon Hunter from Diablo 3

and here are some pictures:D


2015-01-22_21-49-36_106.jpg 2015-02-20_20-42-21_796.jpg 2015-03-10_09-04-46_516.jpg 2015-03-15_21-42-29_480.jpg 2015-03-15_21-42-48_708.jpg 2015-03-15_23-28-33_541.jpg
I must add that Most of glueing and cutting is done by my Girl (She never done anything like this before) I just converted and unfolded model and did some more tricky parts with edges and smaller details:)
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