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  1. Dope

    So I made an axe from Diablo 2: Dread Sever

    Comparison with the source material: My fat ass holding it for scale: All the rest of the pics are here: https://imgur.com/gallery/EEy4d Fun project, it's actually a semi-usable weapon instead of the obnoxious monstrosities I usually make. Dope
  2. J

    Imperius - Archangel of Valor

    I have finally found some time to work on my Imperius build! Here are some pics of the progress! helm, halo and spear are almost complete!!
  3. G

    What colour is demon ichor?

    Hi Guys, I hope this is the right board to post this on. I'm getting ready to weather my Diablo III Demon Hunter cosplay and I have a question. What colour is demon ichor? My hunch is that it's black but I'm worried that my armour and prop weapons will just look like somebody sprayed black paint...
  4. T

    Foam Diablo Shield

    I've been looking at other peoples builds for sometime, but this is my first post on here so sorry if this isn't the best forum. Anyways I've been watching a lot of Evil Ted and Punished Props and decided to build something out of foam. I've started 3 other foam projects and only one is actually...
  5. RedPillDesigns

    Demon Huntress Armor

    Here's a set of Demon Huntress armor and accessories I made for a client not too long ago. I was really happy and proud with how this turned out, as it was my most complex build at the time. So, here are some shot of the final outcome, and then some choice photos from a photo shoot that the...
  6. greyjedi16

    For the Glory of Ivgorod!

    I am wanting to create a Kharazim costume for Blizzcon this year and so far I have been unable to find any real solid ideas online anywhere. I am looking for any suggestions or tips that may help me out. I will update as I make any kind of good progress. All I have right now is some reference...
  7. NefeniCosplay

    Diablo 3 - Wizard - Firebird's Finery Armor Set (WIP pics)

    Hi everyone! My name is June and I've started a new costume build! My very first project was Skyrim's Glass Armor and Glass Battleaxe. You can see my progress here if you'd like: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=229233 I've chosen to make a Wizard from Diablo 3 because I love ARPGs and...
  8. L

    When one Project is not enough: Demon Hunter Diablo 3

    So back when I started my build of Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel power armour My Girlfriend got Hyped and Wanted Her own costume we chose Demon Hunter from Diablo 3 and here are some pictures:D I must add that Most of glueing and cutting is done by my Girl (She never done anything like...
  9. inkblot

    Diablo 3 Royal Ring of Grandeur

    Some months ago, I decided I'd model my own version of the Diablo 3 Royal Ring of Grandeur, which is used by most (all?) of the classes in the game to reduce the number of set items needed to use specific set-specific effects. Since I've had a number of things printed recently via Shapeways...
  10. S

    Diablo III crusader armor

    So I was in a really cool D3 group for Katsucon with my T13 crusader. I'd like to share some of the final photos for some feedback, not only on this set but to help improve future dets as well. I already tweaked the helmet to fit better and pulled up the tunic thing a little more after the...
  11. L

    First Worbla Build: Diablo 3 Barbarian

    Hey everyone, Few months ago, I made my first cosplay out of Worbla - up till then, I'd just used EVA / craft foam to make armour. But I'd heard about this material lots of cosplayers seemed to be using, and I wanted to try something from Diablo 3, so it seemed like a good idea at the time...
  12. S

    Diablo-esq Barbarian

    Hiya Friends, Because I have project A.D.D. I have started another build. I shall be building a diablo-esq barbarian. I also wanted to do something a bit different with this one as well. Instead of replicating a preconceived design, I wanted to make this one original more or less. I want the...
  13. akufadum

    Diablo 3 Prime Evil *Pic heavy *

    Materials for the entire build This includes all material used including screw ups 5 Floor mats packages (2'x2' tiles) ($9 each, $45) 2 Eva foam 4'x8' rolls ($15 each, $30) 8 2mm Craft 3'x5'foam rolls ($7.50, $60) 213 10" glue sticks ($4 pkg of 10, $85.20) Misc screws, nuts and washers (Rough...
  14. inkblot

    Pondering feasibility of Diablo 3 gargantuan costume

    Based on Aaron Gaines' concept art for the Diablo 3 Gargantuan (which you can see here: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140629152216/diablo/images/d/d0/Goons-diablo-3-npc-s_gargantuan.jpg ) Potentially it would be a big suit sitting on a backpack inside, with loose armature for the arms...
  15. S

    diablo 3 Tyrael 100% accurate pepakura files

    Hi its me again! and im here too save the day! again! of course ill start by saying this is not my model all credit goes too zertual! and The files are not unfolded! (I will start unfolding these files after the lich king files. link...
  16. Fabricator Djinn

    Imperius : Archangel of Valor (Diablo 3)

    Shooting for the stars on this one. I fell in love with the armor design immediately when I started D3, after a lot of thinking and planning.. I decided to try my best at doing a recreation justice. I will be attempting to make the armor look like the cinematic version as closely as possible...

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