What's the Current Perceived Value of a Mark X Tricorder

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Boba Debt, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Boba Debt

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    I listed my working TNG Mark X Tricorder in the Junkyard last night.

    The thread has 92 hits but no one has emailed me any offers and the only comment posted was a compliment made by Rocketeer.

    According to a Mod, many people complained about it.

    Is the fact that this was originally built by DStines affecting it's resell-ability?

    Am I asking for too much, not that I would take less, I don't think you can even get these any more.

    And these have to be the best Tricorders ever offered to our community


  2. Gatekeeper

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Boba Debt @ Apr 22 2006, 02:48 AM) [snapback]1230814[/snapback]</div>
    The maker's name shouldn't be affecting it, at least not in a negative way... everyone who knows their trics should be aware of the quality of one of these working heroes.

    They used to sell in that price range, maybe a little lower - at least the science ones did. Don't know enough about the medical version. Lately, there's been some Trek prop value depreciation though. Don't know why, really - maybe the state of the ST franchise could have something to do with it. I wouldn't settle with much less either.

    Yes, those trics are beautiful.
  3. masterjedi322

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    To be honest, David, I've seen the market for tricorders sink over the last year or so. IMHO, it's due to the Trek franchise declining, as well as an increased supply of tricorders.

    Years ago it was * near impossible to find an accurate tricorder with all the fixings, but now you can find them fairly easily.

    Just my two cents...

    Good luck with your sale, nonetheless.

  4. phase pistol

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    I can recall being quite shocked when told how much the TNG and later era tricorders "cost".

    Of course since then I have bought a number of them myself. :D

    I don't doubt that I paid "too much" for them. But that's the problem with this little hobby of ours. Things don't have a price tag that has any relation to their intrinsic value. Things are only "worth" what you can "get somebody to pay" for them.

    So if you can get somebody to pay $1200 for your tricorder, then that's how much it's worth. If all you can get is $600, then that is how much it's worth.

    It's also good to remember that nobody but a fan, and a real fan, would pay these kinds of prices for these items. Sane people would just let their jaws drop, and then back slowly away. :lol

    Another factor is that the value of these TNG and later tricorders have probably been brought down by the availablility of kits from Roddenberry.com. True you're still pretty much on your own with the electronics, and you will pay for high-quality craftsmanship if somebody builds up a kit for you.

    - k
  5. Mr. Nagata

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    It's a very nice piece, but there are more accurate versions available now in the $800 range. Even Dstines has altered his trics a bit since that one was made. Just the facts, man.

    It wouldn't hurt to try ebay, though.
  6. Mike J.

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    Might be the time of year ... a lot of people just sent off big checks to the IRS, and some are selling props to cover it. Could have affected the market.

  7. MattMunson

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    I would say that 1200 is WAAAAAY too much to ask for that particular tricorder, for a number of reasons.

    Most have been mentioned here. Market saturation. Slump in trek interest. And I believe the one you're selling is an older model. You can now buy a much more accurate version from rodenberry.com for a couple hundred bucks. Granted, it's not built up, but you know how the minds of collectors work these days.

    And, not to start up the flamers or anything, but I think there is a bit of a stink attached to it for SOME buyers because of the maker. Reputations get around. know what I mean?

    Frankly, I think you'll be lucky to get 600 for it.

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Boba Debt @ Apr 22 2006, 10:48 AM) [snapback]1230814[/snapback]</div>
    Oh, I also wanted to touch base on this claim also. As someone who is PASSIONATE about tricorders, I can say that this claim is false. Granted, it's all about opinion, but the particular tricorder you are selling is NOT the best ever offered. not by a long shot. There are far more accurate bodies out there, more accurate graphics, and much more artistically built up pieces than the one you have here. The electronics can now be sourced that are precisely matched to the screen used pieces, not a fan interpretation of them.

    I think perhaps your lack of knowledge of the trek space is clouding your judgment on this piece. Not meant as an insult or anything. Your expertise lies elsewhere, and perhaps explains your frustration over not getting your asking price.

    Not trying to sound mean or anything here, so dont' sweat it :)
  8. Boba Debt

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(MattMunson @ Apr 22 2006, 01:06 PM) [snapback]1231069[/snapback]</div>

    No worries.

    I just haven't seen Medical tricorders offered that have as many bells and whistles as this one.

    I would love to see them so that I can get educated, any current threads discussing them?
  9. Rylo

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    I think it's a fantastic piece and in this case the builder helps the value...that boy could build a decent tricorder. The best?? Dunno about all that but a good build just the same that has it's own market. Matt rather nailed it.

    However; the honeymoon is over for that sort of thing, that's all. It's a nice prop but I believe everyone who wanted one, has one...at those old prices, anyway.
  10. jhusel

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    I agree, David, this is an awesome tricorder. And an excellent builder.

    I watch eBay and keep up with the costs of Trek props and I'd have to say you are looking to get anywhere from $600-750. You might throw it up there with a reserve of $750 and might get it. But I don't think it will fetch any more than that, not where the franchise is at right now.

    However, given the new Trek movie due out in 2008, it could come back up in price again.

  11. Boba Debt

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    I guess I'll just hold on to it for now.

    I need to thin out my collection but I'm not so worried about that I will take losses to make it happen.
  12. Funky

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    Just so you know, David, I've seen one of these in person and there id no doubt in my mind that I would love to have yours...it's simply just too much money. But if you ever want to re-negotiate, please contact me.
  13. Boba Debt

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    You wanna do payments :)

    Actually I am starting to re-consider my decision.

    I been looking around and I can't seem to find this particular Tric anywhere.

    Maybe I'm not looking in the right places but working Medical Tricorders seem to be pretty rare.

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  14. Mr. Nagata

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  15. Boba Debt

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    That looks identical to mine, when you add the cost of the 2 units you get a price equal to the lowest price I would have considered at the time I posted my FS thread

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  16. Mr. Nagata

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    Well, if you want to get into details, the body shells are different. Fed surplus' are more rounded and the edge around the door graphics is noticebly wider. Fed uses body kits straight from HMS off the same bucks they used for the show. His electronics and graphics come from Brian who did them for the show. Everything is spot on, while yours is one of Dennis's older pieces which was still an interpretation (a very good one, but still an interpretation). He has since changed a lot of these details, but the one you have is his older model. The sound on Fed/Comm's is also much better. I know because I have trics from both makers. I'm really not on any side. So you're getting an unbiased opinion of quality.

    Side-by-side, the differences are pretty noticeable. Now you could say the average Joe fan wouldn't care, but average Joe fans aren't going to shell out $1000 for either one, only prop geeks (who DO care about that sort of thing).

    Again, I'm not meaning to start anything, I'm just trying to explain why you may have trouble getting your asking price.

    The one thing you DO have going for you is that your tric is all built up and ready to go. If you order from Fed/Comm, you'll have to wait since they're made to order.
  17. Boba Debt

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    It looks like Fed Surplus takes batteries, where as mine is rechargeable, that's go to be a plus.

    I'm not sure about the light and sound so I will have to take your word on that but isn't all of that up to interpretation?

    I mean they didn't use fully functional units in the show did they.

    I was under the impression that the sound is always "follied" in in post production.

    As for the lights are there any consistent film sequences that show the exact light pattern?

    If not I would have to be skeptical of any claims to "screen accurate" light patterns.

    I mean look at the crap that they sell at the Star Trek Experience that bears seal of the studio and is supposed to be screen accurate.
  18. Mr. Nagata

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    Yes, Dstine's rechargeable batteries are pretty cool. They add $35 to the price with the charger and one charge lasts a long time. With Fed's you'll have to shell out $5 for a J-cell and they don't last all that long.

    I really can't attest to the accuracy of dstine's light pattern as I've never really done a comparison. It looks just great to me. But, I CAN attest to Fed's electronics being spot on perfect. They're made by Brian Makepeace who made them for the shows and movies. They're the exact same boards used on screen. You really can't dispute that.

    As for the sound, I suppose it's up to interpretation. Here are some objective observations, though. Brian's sound module uses sound files from the show, so the sound effect is perfect, including the ratchet. However, it's a bit quieter than Dennis's because it's an actual recording. Dennis's sound module is much louder, but uses some kind of synthesized digital sound file that's akin to a single tone cell phone ring. The ratchet sounds like a series of digital tones made to mimic a recorded ratchet (like a synthesized violin or something), so some of the timbre is lost. Does that make sense?

    But, like you said, the real props didn't make sound anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

    Another point you could make is that Dennis's has the 4 scanning modes, which are pretty cool. I've played with them quite a bit myself. However, Dennis actually charges less for his electronics than the competition, so to say that that feature should drive up the price is irrelavant.

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  19. Boba Debt

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    I really appreciate the education :)

    And the more I talk about this the more I am glad it didn't sell.

    I'm really amazed that DStines created such an awesome prop from artistic analysis.

    Not to downplay the FS version but it would be kind of hard for them to not make a better tricorder since they used the original "bucks" and the original circuitry.
  20. Mr. Nagata

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    Oh, another point I made before but kind of got lost was that you have an "older" Dstines Mark X. His body shells are different now. So to maintain that your tricorder is worth as much as, if not more than what Federation Surplus offers NOW is probably not correct. That would be like trying to sell an old fan-made Mace AOTC saber for more than what an MR would cost (ignoring the fact that the latter is licensed--we're just talking accuracy). The sad reality of this hobby is that as time goes by, new discoveries are made, things get more accurate, and the price of older stuff goes down. You understand this better than I do as you're sort of propping legend around here, if I may be so bold.

    Oops, I replied while you were posting this. Yeah, it's no problem. I didn't mean to be argumentative or anything, just trying to get it all out there.

    It really is a great piece and really quite accurate. I can't downplay that. And for propping nostalgia's sake, it does have a certain value like an old Larbel saber.

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  21. Boba Debt

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    I completely understand.

    But there is the intrinsic value of having such a cool piece from earlier era.

    A perfect example is the ANH Flash Hider.

    the version that my Active Project produced was the most accurate available at the time and to me the only version that was better was the now ill fates Raz Project.

    However, our version was made form photographic analysis and in-depth discussions where as Guy just copied a found item.

    Both are unique in their own way.

    I bought this tricorder from DStines at one of my Prop Parties, he also brought his Batmobile with him.

    I only met him once and I still like the guy regardless of how he was rail roaded out of this forum.

    And now I am glad that I discussed this prop because it has renewed my appreciation of it :)

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