What is the Name of Kal-El's Vessel taking him from Krypton to Earth?

Kal-El's Ship - Superman Wiki

Kal-El's Ship, also known as the Birthing Matrix refers to the Kryptonian spacecraft that took the baby Kal-El from Krypton to Earth. The craft barely had room for a mother and her baby, but Lara Lor-Van - Kal-El's mother-chose to remain on Krypton with her husband.
The Birthing Matrix refers to a newer origin of Superman where Kal-El was removed from his mothers womb and placed in the ship. He was "born" as he arrived so he would be considered a citizen of Earth.

I'm refering to the version of the ship in the Reeve films.
Much like the others, I've never heard of it being named anything. It's usually just referred to as 'the ship' or some variation thereof.

Krypton Tower: Echo Lima One, number one on the runway, clear for take off for earthbound departure. Caution, exploding star possible.
If I had to call it something, I would call it "Moses' Basket", as Kalel's trip from Krypton to Earth is similar to the story of Moses (seriously, who can't notice the similarity between that bit of the story?).
Am still wondering where his mom would have fit :confused

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